Saturday, November 06, 2010

It's A Sin to Tell A Lie; I Can't Go On This Way; Shame on You

Some of you might remember the Bob Wills band from Texas: well, here is a young sisters group that sings those songs in a very nice way.

"Its A Sin to Tell A Lie"

"I Can't Go On This Way"

"Shame on You"

This group can be heard on November 20th on the Prairee Home Companion radio program, which you can also listen to online after the broadcast.  Go here to listen to Georgia, and  Roly Poly, sung by the Quebe Sisters.


Sibyl said...

I found about the Quebe Sisters Band about 6 months ago. Talk about WOW factor. Sure is nice to hear great harmony like they have and talent. A breath of fresh air considering what the main street music people want us to listen to (which I don't). Thanks for sharing. Now others will get to see how great they are.

Anonymous said...

Oh, just wonderful. I live in Australia and have already managed to acquire some Wills band music and now this!! I love it and will get the album. Such talent and so nice on the eye!!! - not what we are forced to watch in this day and age. Thank you for sharing.