Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Living Like A Swan

Australian Black Swan

                                                               Schwan by Max Weber

Because of their beauty and graceful movements, swans have inspired musicians, writers and poets for centuries. Though they may appear to be merely ornamental, they are very strong, and will fiercely protect and defend their families. They are known for their faithful loyalty to their mates, and their care of their little ones, watching over them and feeding them til they are able to care for themselves. Their feeding habits benefit various kinds of water creatures, as they often bring up plants from great depths, eat what they need, leaving the rest for others. People tend to associate swans with the qualities of strength and dignity.

The pattern I'm providing can make a paper swan garland or just be used for tags and cards.

You could also use the garland to grace a long shelf or mantel.

Just right-click on the template pattern and then select "print," to make your pattern for swan papers.

Above is a small card, and to the right is the tag, with the punched hole, outlined in blue glitter glue. When making these tags, you could simplify it by not making the cuts in the water area. Black construction paper paper would work great for these swans, since a great number of them, particularly in Australia, are black. Try adding black glitter to the wings or neck, an creating single ornaments.


Homeschool on the Croft said...

Oh I agree that they are the most elegant and dignified of creatures. I'm not surprised at all that they have inspired musicians over the years. They really are stunning to watch.
The garlands are lovely...thanks for posting x

Anita said...

Simple and lovely...I like the garland, plain white. Thanks for the idea.

Anonymous said...


On the surface, all seems sublime, while below the water, they are striving unceasingly, paddling with all their might to seemingly glide. How apt a metaphore for so many. Folk may look and think that this one or that one has it all together, without giving a thoght to the immense effort such order takes. likewise, to the homemaker, outsiders and detracters may wonder about what we do, without sparing a single logical reasoned thought for the labour that goes into the enterprise of the home.

In Australia, our swans are black. They are unique and eligantly beautiful.

Lydia said...

I hope this comment is from Sarah Elliot in Australia. I did hope to make some black swans but never found black glitter, which I know exists.

Lydia said...

Your comparison is so apt: the graceful gliding actually comes from their immense strength!

Anonymous said...


Black origami paper or manilla cardstock will be perfect. In place of black glitter, you may wish to use black velvet or satin trim.

Anonymous said...


thank you for featuring swans.
I love paper lace and know it is made for shelving.

I wonder if you could use these designs to make paper lace for shelves?


Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for the black swans!! They encapsulate this land so eloquently described in the words of Dorothea MacKellar's poem 'My Country'.

Official DM website
'My Country'
This poetry is most emotively captured in the artwork of the Heidelberg School, exemplified by artists such as Arthur Streeton, Tom Roberts and Frederick McCubbin. The black swan, like our artwork and poetry is a metaphore for this land with its hardy, ragged elegance, not fragile and fleeting, but viggorous and strong...enduring, like this country that etches itself into the soul of all who live here. If only Australians would not scorn their past, or continue in their age old practice of scorning faith (due in part to the austere removed brand of Christianity that this nation inherrited that did not seek to convict and convince upon a personal, intimate level)

if you can find images, perhaps you may like to run a feature on 'Heidelberg' art that covers relevant themes to this blog; the homes, the landscape, the people, while enough vetages of decency still held the culture together, and would do, until it fell apart 75 years later..

Anonymous said...

This is really very pretty and elegant for paper. For somone doing a first Christmas tree once you have the tree and lights these two garlands would make it look full without a lot of expense beyond the time. This tree would also be pretty in a girl's bedroom with pink swans, or as a second tree in a dining room or guest room. Thanks for this pretty craft.

Barbara Jean said...

Beautiful Paintings!!

Sweet swan idea.


barbara jean

Anonymous said...

I love swans....I lived through the woods to an estate that had white swans on their lovely pond...we were told by our parents not to get too close to them...but i loved to watch them glide over the pond...such dignity.
Lynn M