Friday, November 26, 2010

God's Paintings

 I was out taking pictures yesterday and wanted to share these.  Some of the sky area looks like the strokes of an artist's brush. Don't forget to click on the pictures for a larger, more majestic view!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So beautiful Lydia.

Thank you for sharing. Inland down around Roseburg the skies are solid gray.


Homeschool on the Croft said...

There simply isn't an artist to compare with the Creator Artist. There is no beauty to compare with His handiwork.
Beautiful photos.
Love, Anne x

Anonymous said...

such lovley scenes! More for which to give our thanks.

Lynn M

Anonymous said...

Isn't it grand you have the opportunity to visit the ocean from time to time.....I haven't seen it for years since moving to western Penna. You have a great blessing in that....we always really are delighted with your photographs, Lydia!

Lynn M

Anonymous said...

I never tire of looking at God's beautiful creation. Thank you for the lovely picture !!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Beautiful photos, Lydia.

I love seeing God's glory in creation!

Unknown said...

Your photos are so nice. I love the ocean.
L. Rose

Lydia said...

Oh yes, in pink, they would be lovely on a white tree or used as shelf edging as well.

I am putting up some pink tags today when I have time.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures of God's creation.

signing anon as you suggested on our sidebar.



Blessed Homemaking said...

These are sooooooooooo pretty. Thank you for sharing.