Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow Today

The large pumpkins on the architectural posts are called "Sugar Pie Pumpkins" and are the actual factual pumpkins for pumpkin pies. What you get in the Libby's can is a type of squash. This was told to us by a local farmer who sells the bright orange squash to the cannery for canned pumpkin pie filling.  I have already cooked my real sugar-pie pumpkin and found it tastes wonderful just on its own. I have yet to make a pie out of it. In old literature, pumpkins were called "punkins."

Heres a picture of a Sugar Pie Pumpkin from a local farm. You are more likely to get a real pumpkin when you buy it from a farm, than when you buy it in a can. They are called New England Sugar Pie Pumpkins.
Click on images and type in sugar pie pumpkins to find out more about them. They are not all the same, but apparently taste good and make the best pies.

The temperature is cold but it does not deter my enthusiasm. Today I'm locked in, but will continue my summery, sparkly cleaning, cooking and sewing. I hope to share a pretty muslin doll you can make, soon, and some paper tags, cards and ornaments, all while Ruthie's farmhouse music is turned up on my computer.


Homeschool on the Croft said...

Oh how lovely. Snow makes the world a lovelier place, don't you think?! Enjoy. I hope we get some soon too...

Anonymous said...

Lovely snow! Living in the South it's a rarity. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lydia,
Your blog is always refreshing and I need that today. I was on another blog where a "troll" has taken over a thread with feminist "christian " ideas and condemning anyone who believes a woman's place is in the home or that father's are to lead or ... I'm sure you understand.

I always wonder why the blog owner doesn't get rid of these types. It is a popular homemaker type blog and they seem to go there and ruin the dialog for everyone else. In fact I had stopped reading this blog for two monthes because of the femist views being written about.
Thank you for staying true to scripture no matter what others are doing .

Lydia said...


I think your turn is coming, in the South, for snow. It goes in a ten year cycle, more or less, and places that have not had snow in a few years, are having it this year.

Snow forces me to stay inside my pink house ;-) and work at things that need to be done.

To Anonymous: Some people deliberately try to engage Christian homemakers in a long, long dialog, wasting time, and sometimes the blog owner thinks they are going to help the naysayer. In fact, what often happens is that the critic is getting her message out to a lot of people reading the blog, and the less mature will think the troll makes sense and will be led astray. The scriptures teach to mark those that cause division and avoid them. Proverbs instructs not to meddle with troubled people who are walking astray from the stable teachings of the Lord. There is no way you can get around the scripture's teachings about the conduct of women, but some people spend a lot of time trying to find ways around it or ways out of it. There have always been those people in this world, but now with the web, they can be more anonymous and seem to have more time to argue.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady Lydia,
Thank you for your comments about the troll on the blog. I am much encouraged ! I will be looking up those scriptures about what to do with such people so I can memorize them.

Anonymous said...

sooooo pretty your home is!!


Anonymous said...

Snow?! I'm not ready to see that, here in the Northeast, though I will any day now. The wind is howling today.

I enjoyed your posts last winter and look forward to them again this winter. You gave some excellent advice on cheerful homemaking during the cold days indoors, such as lighting candles, decorating and so on. Your posts are a ray of sunshine on the cold winter days.

I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

The Jaracz Family said...

Beautiful! We haven't gotten enough snow here yet to coat the ground, but the wait won't be long now...have a great Thanksgiving!

Lydia said...


Would you please remind me of some subject topics you have asked for? I have a little time now that I'm snowed in! I have not gone through older comments to find requests that have come in. If you can remember any that were suggested, please list them here.

Anonymous said...


One of the topics I asked for was easy Christmas gifts to make.

Thank you.

Unknown said...

I can wait for snow. We usually have a lot by now. My pumpkin pies are baking right now. Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.
L. Rose

Anonymous said...

A topic might be how to deal properly with in -laws who aren't christian but are religious and try to influence your children in a way you don't approve. It seems to be a constant with them.

Barbara Jean said...

Beautiful pictures!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
We do have so much to be thankful for.


barbara jean

Anonymous said...

Dear Lydia,
I love the photos of your home and the pumpkins with snow.
Thanks for sharing. Have a Happy Thanksgiving celebration.
Blessings, Janet Westrup

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Lydia, I also would like you to address issues such as in laws that say they are Christians but bring strife. Particurally how to put up barriers so that Children and the Wife (THat would be me) would know how to handle issues when they have to be with them during the holidays.

Pretty Snow Pictures.

And, Very funny about the libby can of squash! ;)

Lydia said...

If I am going to address that issue, then first, you have to know where I am coming from. I had a very conservative but plain upbringing. We children, even the girls, were not allowed to pout or manipulate. We were not aloud to control others or dominate anyone. We did not mistreat our parents, and if anyone tried, they would grow up remembering that they tried it ONCE and never wanted to repeat it, because of the reaction they got from the parents. I think a lot of people my age were brought up that way. We also respected other people's homes and families. We didnt go into their home with an agenda to change their home ways or the way they were raising their children.

Today there are those that will come into your home and stage a blow up or create some kind of family riot if they can. I have heard sad stories of how mothers sometimes have to leave home just to get away from it.

Children have to know that it is the parents they must be loyal to, and that they have to ask them first, before doing things with other relatives. Or they have to ask the relatives to ask their parents: "You will have to ask my mother or father first."