Monday, February 27, 2012

Sample of Homemaking Class Program

Mrs. Hollinger's recent invitation to a homemaking class is an example of a way to  draw more interest in the gentle art of homemaking, by hosting a homemaking class in her home.  Here is her announcement.  I attend as a guest speaker through the Skype program, where they can see me on screen.

We have a very exciting class in store for you with our "Irish Spring Tea!" 
We sent out reminders via facebook.  In case you missed it, we are having our a "Green Healthy" theme in honor of St. Patricks Day.  The Titus Two Wives are excited to share their "green" knowledge with you.  We want to thank the Ladies who have been following our class, especially from out of state~ for all your prayers.  We sincerely appreciate you praying as the Titus Two Teachers prepare to share this Friday.  May we be encouraged in our calling to glorify God!
  • Mrs. Sherman will be opening our class with a biblical message in line our Titus Two Mandate "Each One Teach One".
  • We will continue Mrs. Derbers series "The Art of Homemaking"  with specifics on organizing "Schedules", "Time Management" and "Planning Meals".
  • Mrs. Roberts will be teaching you a wonderful recipe for a homemade "Spa" product you will love!!  We will be giving you lots of homemade "Spa" recipes you can make at home for yourself and or as gifts for others. 
  • Mrs. Spencer will be teaching an immune building, cancer fighting, digestive aid and flu fighting healthy food you can make at home!
  • We have a fun "homemaking" activity that will challenge and make you laugh!
You will enjoy wonderful fellowship and a lovely afternoon "Irish Spring Tea!"
**Wives please bring your planners, organizers or whatever you use to help you keep yourself organized or on schedule.  We would like you to share during our Titus Two Tips what you use!  It will be lots of fun to see even if its just a piece of notebook paper!
Those who signed up to bring a healthy snack or dessert are:  Mrs. Glines, Mrs. Hoerth, Mrs. Spencer and Mrs. Sodeberg & Miss Melissa Cherry.
*Daughters~do your best to create a crock pot meal for your mothers.  You will be glad you did!
We will see this Friday!
Your friends,
The Titus Two Wives & Daughters Class

Note:  Crock pots are the same as slow-cookers, and these days a slow cooker provides quite a high quality meal. Having a meal in your crock pot makes the house smell wonderful, and the food is usually quite good. On the inside cover of the new Tea Time magazine is an ad for a book called "Creative Slow-Cooker Meals" and suggests using two slow cookers for tasty and easy meals. I do not own this cookbook but it has a good idea on the cover: get a smaller slow cooker and a larger one, and use them both for meals. One can have the main dish in it, and the other, a side dish.

A slow cooker is great for making your own refried beans. Put the dried beans in the pot with plenty of water, adding more when needed, and cook them overnight, including the spices and other ingredients. There are recipes available on the web and in slow cooker recipe books. One that is out now is by Taste of Home and features tear out cards that you can keep in a box. The booklet is small, and usually displayed in grocery stores.

Some of the lessons she listed are on the Art Linkletter record that was produced back in the 60's and are read by a lady with excellent elocution, which makes very pleasant listening.


Jessica Kramasz said...

What a wonderful thing for us young moms. (Well I'm a sort-of "young" mom) Most of us had mothers that worked full time, so we lacked the real life modeling of being a homemaker, and there are very few true Titus 2 women to be found in our churches anymore.

Rightthinker said...

I agree with Jessica. I just love the fact that a few women still delight in teaching homemaking to the younger women!

What a blessing!

God Bless!

Barbara Neubeck said...

Sending good wishes your was for a successful and happy Homemaking Class Program Event. Enjoy
God Bless
Barb from Australia

Kathleen in IL said...

Lady Lydia, I do wish the class you attended could somehow be published on line, for those os us who are not privileged to attend. I realize that would entail a great deal of work on other ladies' parts, but still....I find I have no such "teas" to attend an I miss the interaction with other ladies and the lessons we are never too old to learn.

Thank you for sharing this with us!


happy momma said...

Sounds like fun. I, like Kathleen, have a hard time finding others in my area who are interested in homemaking classes. I'm thankful for finding so many like minded ladies on the web, it does incourage the heart that there are more out there who have a heart for home. God Bless

Country Victorian said...

Hi, This is Mrs. Hollinger! I want to let all of you know that we will be posting some of our class information online after I receive all the pictures taken by the daughters. Mrs. Sherman "Lady Lydia" did an excellent job with our theme "Each One Teach One" as we want to encourage the older women to teach the younger women.
The Titus Two Mandate "IS NOT" an option and this is what we are trying to emphasize to the seasoned, experienced homemaker. This calling is a directive from the Lord and an issue of obedience. I want to be compassionate that many women are just not aware of how serious this is. It is my hope to write a "How To" book sometime in the future to show women how to begin these types of classes in their local communities. I look forward to hearing from you at our class blog!