Saturday, April 27, 2013

Anzac Day and Australian Galahs

On Anzac Day, someone graciously brought me some Anzac biscuits to help me observe the occasion. I sat outside with my tea on a table and watched several small airplanes from an air show fly over this little district. In the vase is a stem from a red flowering bush.

This is a beautiful bird in flocks around here on the ground and trees and bushes and are as common as crows. The galah has a color combination that I like. Hmmm...I wonder what I could find in the fabric store to match these colors?

I am enjoying the warm afternoon sun and the scent of trees, including eucalyptus.

  I am here to help my siblings move my mother to a more convenient an modern place to suit her special health needs. 
  Since it is too hard for me to remember the names of everyone I meet, I just call them "Cousin" and they say "G'day Cousin" back to me.
  When I was about 12 years old my 3 year old brother and I were outside by the creek.  I offered to throw him across the creek so we would not have to take a long walk home.  I miscalculated how far to throw him and dumped him in the middle of the creek.  He was awfully wet and cold on the way home.  He has never let me forget it.
  Today when he came to see Mother and me, I picked him up about a foot from the ground but was not able to throw him.  Now he says I threw his back out. My back hurts too.  I won't be picking up my baby brother again.

  I miss my pillows and my soft bed and my home and rellies across the Pacific, but it has certainly been a great comfort to have an ipad and use Skype to talk to them several times a day. It reduces any anxiety.
  It always seemed to me that people in previous decades  were privileged in so many ways with discoveries and exploration and new lands and progress.  God has given our era a lot of blessings too. We have this great communication technology that is so helpful. I cannot find the words to say my gratefulness for it.
  Homeschoolers can use this post in several ways: look up the birds, the gum trees, and Anzac Day and a recipe for Anzac biscuits. Also, find Somerville,Victoria on the map.
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Susan said...

So nice to see your post. The birds are lovely and it looks like the weather is beautiful there. Spring is springing on the east coast of the US right now with trees and flowers in bloom everywhere. So wonderful to go for a stroll after a Spring rain. Prayers that all things work out well with your trip and you return home safely.

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Lydia,
You are missed by the blogging world. So glad you have been able to post while gone. I know being away is hard. I had to do it myself many years back.
May you have many sweet memories to tell your children!
Blessings, Roxy

Anonymous said...

I'm happy for you, Lady Lydia, that there is enough time to enjoy extended family, & some restful moments with them, while you are taking care of the important job of moving your mother.

The flowers in the first picture are really beautiful...thanks for sharing them with us!


Anonymous said...

How delightful to see such pretty birds all around you. They look like the parakeets for sale at the pet shops in the USA. I have seen pretty blue, green and yellow ones, but never pink ones.

God created them just for you and made them fly near where you were to please you.

Missing you so much, Mrs. J.

Finding Joy said...

Glad you are having a lovely time with your extended family. The pink Galahs often sit in our gum tree (in our front garden) and make lots of noise. I do hope the weather has been nice where you are, as Autumn can be quite lovely weatherwise.

My mother is in a nursing home for health reasons and it can be so hard to find one that is appropriate for their needs.

Lydia said...

It will just be in-home help, but we are getting her a better home that has more conveniences and no steps

Anonymous said...


What a wonderful post!! yes, the weather on the East Coast of aus is absolutely beautiful at the moment - golden Autumnal afternoon glory; it is a balm for the soul. I'm glad you've been here during Anzac day; remember to take a few jars of golden Syrup back to the US with you to give the right flavour and consistency for your Anzac biscuits. (Corn syrup simply doesn't work as well).

I shall also pray that you and your family are able to organise an excellent and appropriate care package for your mother; negotiating one can be rather a mine-field with many different options provided by many different government and not-for-profit bodies.

I'll drop you an email soon; it is good that we are both in the same timezone - wish I could have you over for tea...



SharonR said...

I always learn something new from your posts. I looked up Anzac Day and then, Anzac biscuits. I went to a recipe, and it called for "golden syrup". What would that be in the states? Corn syrup? but, that's not golden, so I'm wondering if it's maple syrup?

I love the gray/pink/white color combination, too. The Creator is the Perfect Artist.

Anonymous said...


Golden syrup has a different consistency and will act differently during the cooking process from corn syrup. It is made from the boiling of the sugar; what is left from the refinement process re sugar obtained from cane. look up the CSR website for more information; think its

Rice syrup or other forms of maltose (and glucose syrup) work differently . Golden syrup will give the distinctive colour, flavour and crunchy texture. Its also commonplace in the UK so if you cant' purchase it online from Australia, try the UK. Failing this, if you're in a larger city you may have an Aussie ex-pat 'deli' or British ex-pat 'deli' from which you can buy, or order from on-line. Its worth the effort and cost.



Lydia said...

Thank you, Sarah. What is golden syrup made from? Is it a type of cane sugar or a golden corn syrup?

Mrs Carli Thom said...

Dear Lydia,
I hope you have had a lovely visit here in Australia! I'm so pleased the weather has been so nice for you, I am in Canberra and it has been quite chilly here! I loved your pictures of the Galah's we have a family of them living in a hollow in a big gumtree growing in our backyard. We also get visits from many Cockatoo's, Crimson Rosella's and Rainbow Lorikeets on our back deck. Did you manage to attend an Anzac day Dawn service? My husband takes our family every year, we then go to one of the gunfire breakfasts and the march later in the morning. By the way golden syrup is not made of corn, it is from cane sugar and Anzac biscuits wont be Anzac biscuits without it! If you can find some its well worth the purchase, it can make all sorts of delicious things, like my husbands favourite dessert EVER Golden syrup dumplings! Try them with a dollup of double cream!
Blessings to you and your family,

Finding Joy said...

My brother (who lives in the USA) buys Golden Syrup in the USA and uses in his Anzac biscuits he makes for his children. You can also buy it on line. It is made of sugar cane and both Australia and UK make it.