Saturday, April 06, 2013

The Dandenongs

Sunday after church two lovely ladies who live in the caravan park took me to Sassafras in The Dandenongs for shopping and tea at Miss Marples.
This is Dreena, who has been so kind to me since I came, and has a special knack for sympathy. When I got back to an empty home after my Mother moved to her new place, Dreena cheerfully suggested a trip.
On the left is Linda, who also lives in one of those cute manufactured houses that I showed you when I first came here. We had a wonderful time visiting the shops while we waited for our seating at Miss Marples, and I think that these ladies were exceptionally happy to take a day off and come up to the mountain ranges to show off this part of Victoria to me. They both kept a very close eye on me and did not let me stray too far.
Dreena told me that people knit scarves while they are standing on the sidewalk in winter, and wrap them around the poles to keep them warm. I asked her why, and she said it was because the poles got cold in winter. I think she enjoys having me on.
They also have Christmas in July in Sassafrass since it snows up here in the mountains in winter.
Some mice yard sculpture sold in an oudoor area.
The tea room.
Next door to the tea room is a shop that sells any kind of teapot you can imagine, and every type of tea leaf, tea strainer, tea spoon and tea cup.
Click on for a larger view.
I neglected to take a photo of the sandwiches when they were first served.
The menu
The forest
The corner where we sat.

A koala teapot.
I would not have had as much of a holiday here if not for Dreena and Linda taking to Sassafras and also the other things we did together while I was here.


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