Friday, April 05, 2013

Pretty Spring Scene

A view while on a walk on the property around my home. I am still trying to learn to blog from an ipad.

I would like to turn this into fabric.


Alex said...

Wow! You have blossom. How very lovely it looks...ours here in the UK has just about shrivelled in a biting cold wind that has gone on for weeks. Perhaps I should post about windy day fashion...but I am not so gifted with sewing as you!
I find my mini laptop very difficult when I write posts to do creative blogging ~ it feels more limiting, I don't know why ~ I always end up on the big computer.
to compose posts.
Blessings to you, Lady Lydia.

Lydia said...

The scene looks spring-y but it is very very cold. These are the blossoms that seem to do better in the cold, along with the daffodils.

I do not like the limited scope of ipad with blogging. Hope to find some solutions to that.

Anonymous said...

That is so pretty, Lady Lydia...nothing here is in bloom as yet...Penna.

Farrah said...

Our cherry blossoms, Bradford pears, daffodils, tulips, and dogwoods are in bloom here in Atlanta. A beautiful time of year! I blog on my iPhone so I understand your difficulties!

Krista said...

Your blossoms are very pretty. We don't have any blossoms here, either, but there are a few snowdrops appearing round and about.

Our winter didn't really start until late January, and it's been steady ever since, but I am at peace with it--last year we had a very warm spring and then hard frosts came and destroyed most of the fruit crops. It's worth it to go through a little more cold now and trust to a better harvest later.

Anonymous said...

Pretty! We are still under quite a bit of snow here in Minnesota. I do yearn for spring, but winter has not decided to release its grip just yet. Even so, in probably another few weeks I'll be looking at the first signs of things greening up: my rhubarb, winter onions, chives & my other perennial herbs. How I love the smell of the ground when it thaws. There is nothing like it! :o)


SharonR said...

That would indeed be a pretty fabric. I don't think I've ever seen a forsythia bush on fabric.