Monday, July 14, 2014

Making Plans

Today there is a lot to do, so I wanted to quickly put up pictures to share my morning tea scene while I make my plans for the day.

Sometimes I make a special page for my list with a stamp or a colorful sketch to make the page brighter.

I find I am a better worker and in a better mood if I spend some time at the start of the day to organize my thoughts by writing my plans for the day on paper, and things do not get as urgent when I am following a list.

At Goodwill there was a discount on the curtains, so I got two sets of these ruffled curtains. When I got them home I found that one of the sets had a shorter panel and did not match, so I decided to use the one matching set for my outdoor tea.

The air is quite warm and it is going to rain in a few minutes.
I am going to get busy now, with my day, and I hope to post some more of my old ettiquette classes for children . I hope you have a calm and peaceful day.

Remember that the broadcast news is the bad news, full of terror and horror that will occupy your mind and create anxiety, but the Bible is the good news, full of peace and assurance, that will give you a sound mind, especially the New Testament, which is full of light and joy. If you think on the gloomy reports, how can you do a good job at home? Consider this passage:

Gal 5:22    But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith...

I think it is crucial for homemakers to concentrate on making the house pretty (prettifying the home) . To enable the creative senses to function, it is imperitive to think on good things. The media continually broadcasts the darkest side of life it can find, and it is demoralizing and defeating. The Bible likens the followers of Christ to soldiers, and so we much acquire all the positive attributes of good soldiers and keep those in our charge uplifted, and the house safe and clean.

A good soldier does not believe the enemies taunts and does not allow the propaganda to penetrate his mind. Look around and see how much there is to do at home, and concentrate on that. Remember that you are glorifying God when you offer your best service at home. I pay scant attention to the news these days because all my life it has broadcast nothing but doom and gloom and disaster, and yet, I look around and see that it has not made a bit of difference in my life, and worrying about it never helped me clean my kitchen.


candy said...

Beautiful post... LOVE the photos, the table is decorated so pretty. I especially LOVE the ruffled curtains! Too bad they are being made anymore as I would outfit all of my window with those pretty white ruffled curtains. Beautiful!
I suppose one could sew but I am a hand sewer only and that would be too difficult for me. And I have been having the most difficult time finding curtains. I am now using these white ruffled ones from Target (Simple Shabby Chic), and they are pretty but not as pretty as yours, which are more to my taste and style. :)

Your friend,
Candy from Canada

Michelle said...

I too like a pretty eye catching list, the effort to make it always keeps you returning to it!

I always keep in mind when concerning the news or the world's other attempts to distract and depress me is this saying "a soldier does not concern himself with cilivian affairs" we being in the army of the living God need to keep our focus and energy on bringing heaven on earth through our conduct and life choices., we are the salt :) we do not "taste" like that of the world.


Lydia said...

That is a very good point, Michelle.

Candy those curtains are still available from country catalogs and in some stores.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Your photos were lovely. Your table is very pretty. Everything looked like sweet summertime.

I have had those ruffled curtains in many of my windows for years. Liked them then, and still do. They go well with our cottage-style little house. It seemed like a lot of money to put out way back when I bought them, but they have held up very well. I have a tendency to like what I like for a long, long time. When one commenter said they didn't sell them anymore, I felt old for a minute. Then read another comment that they are still available. That was good news.

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Lydia, I also like to make a list of what I try to get done in each new day! And you are so right about the news and I laughed over how it never helped me one bit on getting my kitchen cleaned ;o)
I have a soft spot for white curtains and soft pinks.
May you have a lovely week...

Andrea R said...

What a lovely post!

Thank you!

Housewife59 said...

Thank you for such a calm, uplifting post. We, as homemakers need to continually refocus on what we are doing - and why we are doing it. It is such an important calling we have. When we do our weekly shop tomorrow, I have set aside £1 to purchase some stems of fragrant dried lavender. I can't wait to put them in a small vase. It doesn't take much money to prettify our homes. I also love those frilled curtains and will be looking around to see if I can find (or make some) They are so cottagey.

A. Law said...

A.L. from Florida
Thank you Lydia, for your thoughts and especially your comments about the news.
Your blog encourages me to do my work at home and not to worry about things I have no control over.
Thank you for what you do...........

Suzanne said...

I very rarely watch the news, it is too upsetting. To most woman I can be categorized as "uninformed", but my husband will discuss with me politics and many things going on I need to know. Also, I liked that you wished us a calm and peaceful day-do you know when I wish someone a peaceful day, most of the time they chuckle and say "I wish"! How sad. I see our home as a refuge not just a place to shower, sleep and grab a quick bite. How I wish more woman saw things this way:-) God Bless!

Christine said...

My whole mind,body and spirit is so much more relaxed because I don't listen or watch the news.
I recommend it!
Besides it leaves me a lot more important time for other things.