Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Morning Greeting

I had to stop sewing and put the house back in order,  but I hope to get my new dress set on the line and post it today. I have one dress to finish. The "mother" dress needed more length, so I may have to go to the fabric store and find some wide flat eyelet in a color, if it is available.  I hope to get the girl's dress finished and the whole set out on the line today for a picture to post.

I got a nice list of suggested topics and I really appreciate your ideas. I hope some of you will write about these things on your blogs, too.  

The flower beds, though full and lush, are not as full of blooms as I would really like, but sometimes in the cool of the morning they show up.  I have quite a few types that only bloom in the shade after four o'clock.  That is why they are called four o'clock. Four o'clocks grow quite well by seed, and come in a variety of colors. 

The pink and white four-o'clocks, from seeds, will form tuberous roots and come back year after year, spreading further each season. I thought you would enjoy the reflection of the farmland in the new window I got in the spring.

This is an old baby bed spring I did not know what to do with, so for now, the morning glories, as sparse as they are, are using it.

Love the color of this chrysanthemum.  Remember Anne spelling it correctly and winning the spelling bee in the movie "Anne of Green Gables?"

I will try to add a "subject" or one of my "lectures" here later.  


Gayle said...

Beautiful flowers, can't wait to see the dresses you are working on.

Katrinka said...

It's interesting to see the differences in flowers and when they bloom in your northwest compared to our midwest. Morning glories here are almost considered a weed because they flourish and grow over things. Like our electric box or the transformer on the pole outside our gate. I still love them because of childhood memories!

Thank you for sharing your garden with us.

Julian said...

Beautiful garden bed! Thankyou! Christina