Monday, September 22, 2014

A Fine Day

    Lovely painting by another French artist, Paul deLongpre.  The water drops look so real.

Here it is overcast skies and dark, gloomy clouds hovering, but not doing anything except looking gloomy.  I have had requests to share a day at home on a blog post but have difficulty decided which day to write about. There is always a temptation to get discouraged and go back to bed, but as I get more mature I realize I do not have enough time left in my day to so that. I have so many things I would like to do. 

I was organizing some old pictures from my first home, and seeing how bare the interior was, compared to now.  My children are always astonished at how sparse the house was.  They thought we must have been very poor, but we were just starting out and it would take a few years to find and purchase the things we needed.  

Sometimes I am tempted to store it all away and live "barely" but when I do, my family says the house does not feel as comforting. I have done it a couple of times and then put everything back on the walls because the bareness gave the house a lonely feeling.

As I want to get to my sewing quickly today and afford myself as many hours as possible, I hope I do not have to go anywhere, and that I do not get distracted by other things. My morning routine today is to get dressed ( in something that is presentable in case someone comes to the door),  water the gardens, make the bed, clean the kitchen, and then go to my sewing area and cut out my next project.

These are the patterns I would like to use. I will attatch a sleeve from another pattern.  I am not promising myself to get this done in a short time, but when I do, I will then move on to sewing that takes less time--aprons and smaller things.

I have not had company for quite awhile, so I will be thinking of you and hoping you will use your favorite cup and favorite tea and think about enjoying this fine day and all there is to be thankful for.

I won a gift certificate for merchandise in a shop, so the other day when I retrieved it, I got this chalkboard card as part of it.

I feel so rich today because I got something in the mail: a copy of the English magazine called Daphne's Diary, by Unique Magazines, with a quality similar to Mag Cloud publications. It has several perforated pages to make boxes and cupboards and a little punch out place cards.  This book is going to be sent on to a friend but I am looking at it first.


living from glory to glory said...

Good Day, Lydia, It is another rainy day here also! But as you mentioned, we have too much to do, so climbing back into bed was not an option! We are pulling out the carpet in a bedroom and going to paint it. I am very excited as we are going to paint is a lovely Pink Kiss on the top and a light green at the bottom.
But I was glad to read this post as when I do get finished, I want to be more choosy as to what I put back on the walls. I few things are a must as it does make any room cozy and not bare looking.But too much can make it look cluttered. I also want to mention that those pictures of those dresses were so pretty and I loved those pink jacket to go with them!
You have inspired me once again!
Always, Roxy

JES said...

Good morning! :) The painting you share at the top is above my bed and a very favorite! Have a lovely week!

Julian said...

Positive post!:) your corners are pretty! I have 6 kids 4 at home. I have a hard time decorating. I like things simple and clutter free. Nothing modern. (clutter free ha!).I my mother is like you and definitely has the gift to decorate. I always feel at home whenever I visit her. Thanks for sharing! Christina

Anonymous said...

A cold, Autumn day here in the mountains Lydia, and so welcomed! I was so inspired to have read your words and it reminded me, that when I do dress pretty and ladylike, my day seems to flow so nicely :) Thank you so much for inspiring all of us women that stop by and read your lovely words...thank you. Maria S.

Theresa said...

Your home is beautiful. So cozy looking. I decorate with primitives, and have packed things away in an effort to minimize but always feel depressed and put things all back within hours. I love homes that are cozy and warm and minimalism just does not give off that vibe.

anonymous said...

Thank you for such a lovely post.
Since reading your posts I have found that dressing for the day is helpful and really does "get the ball rolling" for me too.
In the Fall, I gather leaves from under the trees on our yard for my garden and compost. There was much leaf gathering and walking the garden cart back and forth from garden to field and back again.
A simple skirt and top was good out door garb for the day. Now that the rains have returned there will be many days to wear pretty house dresses again.
Thank you for your timely posts.

Mrs. J.