Tuesday, September 23, 2014


                  A Lovely painting by Russian artist Igor Levashov who lives in the Netherlands.

It has been several years since I have rearranged the furniture. Everything fits together like a puzzle here, and my attempts at shifting it all around a different way have not been successful, so the room had remained the same for many years.


I have always wanted to put the dining room in the living room and have put a small dining table in front of the window, with the view of the garden.

When I think of how many meals we have  in the same room at the same table, a change is really nice.  I am looking forward to our first lunch here.

                     The ottoman foot-rest you see on the right is a storage box with a lid. Sometimes,particularly when the house is clean, I feel like I am living in a palace in this small house.  The furniture arrangement has always been a close fit, and I do not like too much of it, but I need it all for the days when there are visitors.

It will be interesting to dine here when it is raining outside and watch the raindrops in the birdbath.

The tea cozy was made by Roxy from Living From Glory to Glory blog.  It is made of the tea themed fabric from Hobby Lobby.  I still have not used the piece of this  same print, but I have great plans to sew something.

I floated a few blossoms in the old birdbath just for something colorful to view from that dining area.

The morning mist had not lifted, so when I took these pictures there was not much light.

     Things are still blooming and our summer is extended. I am still hanging laundry outside. 

I do have a pleasant subject coming soon, but now I must go and get a few more things done. I abandoned yesterday's plans so that I could change the furniture around, and as every housekeeper knows, all things are connected and it is not a matter of merely moving furniture.  Sweeping, putting unwanted items into the giveaway box, rehanging pictures, and then the big pile that naturally ensues, takes an entire day.


Anonymous said...

It is always so nice to have a bit of change around our homes. I know that when I shift things here to there, there is a breath of fresh air that passes through the cottage. I like your lovely space Lydia :)

Alex said...

That looks so pretty! I love a table in the window ~ and your gorgeous white chairs have really linked up the white theme running throughout. Really lovely.
Might just be inspired to have a change around in our own living room, but...it's so small, there is only one way the furniture makes sense.
I could have a little table in the window, however.

Julian said...

I like what you've done! So nice!

Suzanne said...

I am one not to mess with arrangements either, especially with rooms that are not perfectly square! I had a room such as yours,long and narrow- I thought the furniture only worked one day until a friend of mine, who was into decorating, came over and ran her eye over the room and worked magic.

Your room has lovely hardwoods! May I be so bold as to suggest a curtain change? Perhaps a long white ruffled shear on each side of the window would look nice-it would open up the room more. And I know you need the extra seating, but could you take out a piece or two of the more portable pieces and put them in another room or in the garage or basement and use them when company comes. I do hope I haven't overstepped my bounds, the room is lovely just the way it is,just trying to help with the issues you pointed out:-)



Jo said...

My dining table is under the window and I love to sit at the table with my tea looking out of the window looking at the garden. It's very relaxing and calming . Nothing nicer than watching the birds play.

Anonymous said...

How lovely and serene.
It looks so elegant and inviting.

LadyLydia said...

Sounds just perfect, Jo.

LadyLydia said...

Sadly there is no attic, basement, garage, shed or extra rooms to put a piece of furniture in, even temporarily. Summers are nice because furniture can go outside.
Yes sheer curtains or lace curtains sound like a good idea

Mrs Peterson's Place said...

Your living room looks lovely. I remember when you were putting in the hardwood floors, they look lovely.

I was wondering if you have daily tasks for each day of the week (i.e. Monday - cleaning, Tuesday - Finances, Wed. - Groceries etc) , or if you make a general list of what you want done for the week and do a little each day?

I cherish the idea on getting the necessary done so you can sew.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

You have created a lovely room. It must be nice to have tea at the table overlooking your pretty flower garden and bird bath. I especially like the valance at the top of the window and the touches of pink that you have used.

Mrs. P said...

Lady Lydia, I have not been able to visit blogs in the past 3 years due to the business of 5 children (2 under the age of 4) and today I remembered your blog. Oh what and ENCOURAGEMENT and BLESSING it was for me! Thank you so much for ministering to Christian women. It was so refreshing to see that you are still posting lovely things each day. :-)

Katrinka said...

What a lovely seating arrangement! I'm inspired to do the same in our dining room. I have two windows to choose from. A south window and an east window. Outside the south window I have a flower bed with phlox and tansy, but the east window is pretty, too, with a large tree and a view of the fields.

Thank you for the beautiful photos and inspiration!

Andrea R said...

Growing up, we never had much, but my mother always did a LOT to keep our home looking and feeling like home. She cleaned very well, and she rearranged furniture probably monthly. I learned from her.

It is so refreshing to change furniture around and have a new space. It also protects the furniture from being sat in in only one configuration. It also really helps to clean those areas one wouldn't normally see-under, around, behind, etc.

I change my furniture all the time. When first married, my husband thought this was odd, as his mother had the same layout of furniture his entire childhood. He now appreciates the change and freshness and clean.

His mother actually still comments after all these years, in a snide way, about which way she'll find the furniture when she visits. My husband says she's just jealous I take the time to make things nice, and clean and she didn't!

Anyway, your new arrangement looks very beautiful. Nice view in which to dine!

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Lydia, I think your new arrangement looks so lovely. And putting your table by the window will be a very nice experience. And you are so right about changing a room around it does take all day! And I am so glad to see your tea cozy matches just perfectly. Once again, I have been inspired by my visit here today! Yours, Roxy

LadyLydia said...

Mrs. P it is nice to see you again. Roxy your tea cozy is used all day every day. Can you see the tea stains in it? Andrea the negative remarks about homemaking are sometimes designed to discourage you so that you will lose your enthusiasm for the home. Katrinka, I hope you get a chance to put your dining table near a window. It makes life more interesting. Susie, the valance is wood, custom made and given to the house. Mrs. Peterson, I have never been able to have a regular life with schedules things that I do on certain days, but I have always wanted to be like that. My mother in law had a planned week. On Mondays she put her wash in the machine and sat down at her kitchen table to write letters. Wednesday she shopped for groceries and Thursday she taught Ladies Bibke Class.. Saturday she cleaned house. Sunday she got up early and prepared a roasting pan full of food to cook slowly while she was in church. I do make a list of things that need to be done each week and if I have no interruptions, I can usually complete the tasks, I will try to post a sample list sometime. Thank you all for visiting and for leaving comments.


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