Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Morning Visitor

This morning I was preparing a small tea celebration when I heard  some knocking on the door.

Photo above: I like this Kimberly Shaw tea card with the drawing of a lady on a swing. I would love to have every one of these cards, as each one is a different drawing.

By the way, in this picture I have used kitchen curtain valances as a table covering. I found them at goodwill and discovered that they also work as mantel cloths for places like the fireplace top and the piano. Piano cloths are quite expensive, so I was glad to find this extra long pieces of lace.

Back to my visitor:

A Blue-Andalusia hen named Vandy.  I gave her some crumbs from the tea scones and a little strawberry tea I made with water and berries.

It softened the disappointment of the phone call I got from my expected guest who had to cancel the tea for some reason.

For morning tea I have used frozen strawberries and poured hot water over them in a strainer to make a fragrant and light pink cup of tea,  and then cut up a banana and made a little treat with whipping cream.  What are you doing today for teatime and afterwards? My plans are (Lord Wiling), after household work (meals, kitchen cleanup, making beds, neatening things) are  to sew.

I am looking at my old "Future Posts" article and thinking about writing some of them. Any more requests?

I thought about writing on how to handle rude remarks, but then, maybe it would be better to write about something pleasant!

We are still having a hot summer out here and I am so grateful because I can get that summer line of clothing finished! 

Someone emailed me today to say that after I wrote about the flower-lined pathways explained in this book (see my post on my other blog, Lovely Whatever's http://lovelywhatevers.blogspot.com if you want this book) that she simply took her push-mower and made pathways, cut closer to the ground, to the mailbox, the clothesline, the trash barrel, the garden, the outdoor seating area and other places. That way, her shoes would not always get wet.


anglow said...

What a beautiful visitor!

Anonymous said...

I love it when you write about the importance of homemaking and staying home. I know you already have a lot of articles about it, but I'd love to read even more of it! :)

Southern Girl said...

I would love to know how you make your scones. How about a detail post with instructions?

Antiques And Teacups said...

How cute! A very special visitor.

Julian said...

I think positive posts:)

Amy Techentin said...

Love your visitor!
I would love a day in the life type post. I always find these types of posts practical and encouraging. Just seeing what a day in the life looks for you would be very helpful for me.

SheLaughs said...

I was recently introduced to your blog and find it perfectly lovely.

Could you write some more about teaching little girls to be ladylike? Or more about domestics and making a lovely home (especially with little ones)?

Stephanie said...

This certainly made me smile :) What a delightful little visitor!

Your lace valance is simply beautiful and I love what you can do with them!

Enjoy your day, dear one. Hugs and blessings!

Gayle said...

What a sweet visitor. I love when you simply share your day, and would still like to see the aprons you match up with your dresses. And your outdoor surroundings, I still go back to that beautiful picture of the tea you had in the pumpkin patch with all of those beautiful pumpkins around.

Susan said...

How cute! Chickens are such pleasant creatures and I'm quite sure she new that you were in need of a visitor for tea. Since you gave her a little treat she may be knocking on your door on a regular basis, and bring some of her feathered friends!

I think Fall nesting and fluffing up of the home is on my list right now and I always look through your simple home makeover ideas for inspiration. I like no sew ideas and thrift store items that you re-use in different ways, like the lace cloth. Making a home pretty with very little money can be difficult, but your ideas have helped me a lot.

Have a wonderful day!

living from glory to glory said...

Well Good Morning...
I love seeing and meeting your visitor!
A cute little chicken, I must say!
This post made me feel happy to be a country girl! I also loved the lace covering, I will look for a few of those! I also have a small tea cup that matched yours! You always make a homemaker look so pleasant and precious!
I appreciate you so much!
Always, Roxy

ChristyH said...

I know this isn't popular but I would love one on how to handle rude posts. My daughter, who will be getting married next summer and is only wanting to be a wife and mom, received a rude comment. They told me not her. That I shouldn't sell her short. (this was said because she doesn't want college, just to marry her young man and be wife and mom)

Susan said...

I'm afraid I'm going to have to second Christy H. I had to deal with yet another rude person yesterday and ended up being speechless and walking away. It's very difficult to know what to do. I have been thinking about it ever since and still can't come up with an appropriate response even though I feel like I should have had one. I guess it would be helpful to know the scriptural responses to these things or chapters we can read and study to help us when we encounter these people. I think everyone's situation is a little different so it's hard to speak to just one problem. Sometimes another person's perspective is helpful.

Lydia said...

From. Anonymous:

Thank you for today's post. I have often read, in old-fashioned etiquette books, that the only thing that allows people to become close in a friendship is the restraint they show toward each other, not the opposite. Unfortunately, this truth makes it hard to find a good friend these days, because it is not taught or understood.