Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Morning Picnic

The colors were so crisp and clear today I decided to lay out a simple morning picnic.

This delightful book called "In the Garden With Jane Austen" will be featured soon on my other blog, Lovely Whatever's, so look for it to appear on the blogroll when I get the post finished, maybe today or early tomorrow.

I have not read it yet, as I only recently procured it from a used book site, but the pictures in it are beautiful and inspiring. One day I want to make an Victorian style walking garden here for all the church members to enjoy, so I am trying to read as much as can about it and learn how to do it.

I am also going to look at this issue of Shabby Lane, which has lovely recipes and gardenning and homemaking ideas.

Yesterday I was looking for a little potholder to set my teacup on.  I needed something more in keeping with the teacups (not a mug-rug), so I invented this rose-shaped pad, and although I neglected to photograph and record a step-by-step tutorial, I am including a scan of the pattern for anyone who wants to try this.  There is no copyright on it, so you can use it to make rose-mats to sell.  This could also be made in other flower shapes and colors.

It is simply two pieces if fabric cut in the shape of the pattern, adding a fourth-inch extra fabric around it for the seam.  Cut thin batting or insul-brite without adding extra seam allowance.  

With right sides facing, sew around the edges.  Cut an X in the back piece and turn inside out. Slip the batting inside and hand-stitch the openning shut or iron on a piece if matching fabric (using the iron-on webbing) to cover the openning. Then, turn it over and stitch with the machine using large stitch, in a free-hand way, around the potholder to imitate a rose. Lastly, stitch a fourth inch from the edge, all around.

For one day only, try this:  Be concerned only for the problems and challenges and duties of the day. You will find that the day itself presents enough worries for you. Try limiting your concerns and fears to only today, and you will also find that you have a lot more peace and can get a lot more accomplished. 

You will also discover the truth of these words of Jesus:

Matthew 6:34b  "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof."

I was noticing something in Titus 2, as I read today: these instructions were for ladies, not to put hardship on them, but to relieve them of the demands of the outside world and to help ladies live to please Christ. 

These verses simplify life for the Christian woman, because they increase their perception of good character: serious -minded, sound in faith, in charity (which means love in the New Testament), discrete, kind, etc) and these verses also simplify the duties of Christian women: marriage, family and the home.  

  The conclusion of the passage is this: that the word of God be not blasphemed (discredited, made unbelievable, destroyed, showing irreverance, blame, bringing reproach on God's word).

Think of the reputation you want the church to have in yhe eyes of the skeptic.  Think of the reputation you want to give the word of God.  People are always ready to point a finger and say, "Aha!  It does not work." In our quiet and steady adherence to that word and to the jobs assigned to us by it, we prove that it does work. 

In among all the worry you think you have, be sure to include one little pretty thing to make or do. Reward yourself for your housework and any of the family responsibilities you bear by giving yourself one pleasure, whether it be personal creativity or reading something you enjoy.

I was able to sew this dress today and I like the quality of the fabric.


Katrinka said...

Lydia, I think when we worry too much and are exposed to too much of the world's distress it can desensitize us to the sufferings of others. I see this in some of my daughter's friends. Everybody is so adrift, and share so much of their own sufferings with each other, when they talk among themselves no one listens to the others but only wants to share their own pain.

I think TV, news, radio, even the junk mail that comes into our homes try to draw on our sympathies and exploit our emotions for their own purposes. I don't care much for TV, but it's useful for my husband to occupy his mind a bit. Some of the sad commercials about animals just upset him so much. I have to quickly change the channel or turn it off.

There are so many abandoned, hurting people out there all wanting comfort and trying to find someone who will just listen to them. I've never been much of a sharing person when it comes to my worries, but in caring for my husband I understand the value of someone who will just LISTEN.

I think mothers of old fulfilled this role for us. My mother would have been unremarkable in today's world, but I always thought of her as my psychoanalyst! I could and did talk to her about the worries in my heart. And I've tried to do that for my children and stepchildren. This is where I feel quantity time is important. As teenagers and young adults, our children are not usually going to make an appointment to talk with mom. We have to just be available.

When my stepdaughter moved in with us for a year in her late teens, she was very troubled and we tried to give her privacy and yet let her know we cared. One of the things I was so glad to be able to do was to be there for her when she got home from school. I might be folding laundry or starting supper and she would come home and come through the house and we'd chat for a bit before she went to work or out for the evening. There was a lot accomplished during those few moments together. I've often wished I could have done more for her, but I think what I could do was good. Today we see so many lost people with no hope.

Even though my own mother has been dead over 20 years, the love and care she had for us kids lives on. I feel valued because of what she invested in me.

Sorry for such a long post. It's kind of an extension of the conversation on your previous topic. I love the beautiful fabrics you use in your sewing. I used to sew a lot of my clothing when I was younger and loved using beautiful floral fabric.

Andrea R said...

Thank you so much for such a lovely post!

I agree with you on your Titus 2 comments about the verse helping women to be simple and simply at home.

God knows our hearts and our tendencies to become feministic and also even when we are not..to simply take the weight of the world upon our shoulders. This verse, as well as many others, shows us how to remain focused, and let God bear the burden..

Thank you for this. I have some concerns coming up for something new I have never done in a few months, and rather than worry about that day and those days ahead, I shall deal with only today..helping to enjoy my children and my blessing of a home..for today.

God Bless you!

anonymous said...

Glad to see your post on the morning picnic. I used to go with a friend to a park with a little stream flowing through it and have a picnic in the morning once a week. We would talk of nothing else but what the Lord was doing in our lives and give him praise.

You did a lovely job on the dress and that fabric is really beautiful.

Looking forward to hearing more on the Jane Austen book and ideas for the Victorian walking garden. Love those little hidden gardens within the garden.

Mrs. J.

ChristyH said...

So lovely! I can't explain it well, but it is very peaceful and calming, ahhh tranquil, that was the word I am looking for.

Sandra said...

What a beautiful picnic, it looks so peaceful.

I would love to get my hands on that Jane Austen book as I am a huge fan.

Housewife59 said...

I just love the dress. The pattern is absolutely lovely. I must get one! I am hoping to make up a rose mat. Thank you for putting your pattern up for us to share.

Anonymous said...

I wished my mother taught me to sew, alass she had nothing to do with me..
Beautiful dress,and Love the tea pot holder.

Lydia said...

Thanks for the comment, Renee.

Anonymous said...

* Good morning *

Anonymous said...

:-( They closed the Church 0f Christ here...