Friday, August 14, 2015

Summer Beauty

Good Day, Dear Ones,

Thank you everyone who visits here. The blog ladies who write from far away areas and farms keep each other from being too isolated.  I like all your blogs (see them on my left sidebar) and always find amazing encouragement for the Christian woman, the housewife, the mother and grandmother and other ladies at home. These ladies use their blogs to teach, when it would be difficult to travel to a seminar or what is called Ladies Day  (a day where ladies come together to attend a special spiritual gathering) to present an inspiring message. Reading these blogs means every day is Ladies Day!

We have enjoyed our Texas weather this year. Everyone complains about the heat and dryness but I have never seen any farming area stay that way forever. It usually ends in a flood! So for now I am keeping my mouth shut and avoiding complaining.  I have a resort area set up using a stock tank for a swimming pool, covered by a canopy for privacy, and my hammock is softly swaying with the wind. The chimes on my front porch play  a soft  song, and there is an old swing and a patio table in the resort area ready for use.  

As dry as it is here, it is amazing thus miniature tree has yielded these brightly colored apples.  I have not had time to pick them.

It is the type of tree whose branches are supposed to travel along a  fence and make a hedgerow.

I like the white stripes on these apples. I have forgotten the name of this variety but I recall the tag that came with it when it was purchased called it a Japanese Apple.  I like the tree because it's branches are accessible to the average person and children can easily pick the fruit. 

Naturally I have to get as much mileage out of these apples as possible, from sewing to baking,

...and maybe a painting, but not now. I would love to paint the striped apples; they are so pretty. And where to get fabric to sew a dress that coordinates with this beautiful harvest of apples?  The piece I have shown here is obviously for craft projects or pot holders, and I wouldn't want to wear a skirt with a huge Apple print :-).  I saw on the Hobby Lobby website that there are inks and stamps especially for creating a design on fabric. I guess I could rubber stamp and apple border on some solid color fabric.

Life is so busy, though, that I am always disappointed to see the day is over and I did not get to do any  leisure activity like designing or art, etc.  however I like to make things nice here at home for everyone else and it takes most of my time. 

One of the gardens is doing okay. I have quite a bit of ground-cover type foliage in it.  I like this little bit of garden decor that looks like a bed--just two little decorative stakes pushed into the dirt:

We had a pleasant ladies Bible class yesterday  (we are now reading James) and some good discussions, and then we all had tea. 

Please have a lovely day, and "count it all joy" (James 1:1-4) when things do not go as you plan.

Note: I am not really living in Texas.  It only feels like it.



Unknown said...

I live in texas, and we are dry as a bone here. But thank the Lord, rain is forcasted every day next week!
Blessings on your weekend! Christina

quakerhillfarm said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the colors of the apple tree. So pretty! Your pie looks delicious! Have a blessed weekend! Lynn

Anonymous said...

Hi Lady Lydia,
Thank you for such a lovely post. Your writing is like a meditation. I live in Australia and my favourite apples are Pink Lady and Fuji. I had a juicy and delicious Pink Lady this morning for breakfast. Could your apples be Jonathons? Or Jazz?


Lydia said...

The name of the apple tree is dwarf Japanese and it produces apples called Tokyo Rose. Pink Lady I think is originally from Victoria, Australia, a most attractive apple. We have them at Safeway stores here.

ladypinktulip said...

Thank you for this beautiful post. I am so grateful apple season will be coming where I live. It is a wonderful reminder that Fall is close at hand. It is so very hot ever day here in Colorado. I look forward to cooler temperatures so I can spend some time in my back yard enjoying trees and bushes. I love your garden bed area in front of your living room window. That would be so pleasant to see everyday. Blessings. Kelly Thompson

Stephanie said...

Good morning, dear Lydia! My, what a lovely post. I can just picture your hammock swaying softly in the breeze and your swimming pool sounds delightful! My son would enjoy something like that :)

Your apples...yum! We have two apple trees on our property, but the bugs and birds usually get to them before we do. And speaking of apples, I found a recipe for apple cookies. What you do is lay out chopped apples on a baking sheet and then lay pie dough on top {criss cross it}. After baking, a caramel topping is brushed onto the top of the cookies. I am hoping to make them today or sometime this coming week.

Enjoy your Saturday! Hugs and blessings to you!

Lydia said...

I hope you show it on your blog so I can see what you mean; how it is done.

Did you get my email about the book and movie about Charm, Ohio? I plan to write something about it...someday :-)

anonymous said...

Hi Lydia,
I enjoyed your post today. The apple print is so refreshing, makes me want to bake a pie. Stephanie's cookie recipe almost sounds like a mini hand pie with caramel icing.
Could you post her recipe please?

It seems to me recently I saw three apple prints on white background, either at JoAnn's or Shabby Fabrics. One print was very small and from a distance read as pink. If at JoAnn's it would be located in the novelty print section.

Last week while picking blackberries I found an apple tree growing out of the brambles next to the fence. Hope it does well. It would be nice to have an apple tree.

Thank you for another great post. Made my day.


SharonR said...

The "stock tank" for a swimming pool reminds me especially of the panhandle of Texas where I was born and raised until high school. What a blessing to have the apple tree!

Stephanie said...

Hi again :) If the cookies turn out as tasty as they sound I will be sharing them on my blog...maybe when it gets closer to autumn.

And yes, I got your lovely email - thank you! I apologize for not inbox has been a little full lately and I am trying to play catch-up now {{smiles}} Hugs to you!