Saturday, August 15, 2015

Vintage Apron for a Vintage Table Setting

Today I finished a vintage apron from the Simplicity Retro Pattern 4282.  Sometimes Simplicity goes on sale for 99 cents or $1.50-$1.99, but always are half price otherwise.

The fabric is Waverly Inspirations screen print from Walmart fabric department or and it takes a yard. There will be ample left over but you still need a yard because of the length, unless you can figure out a different way to buy less fabric and make it work.

I could have used some turquoise green bias binding for the edges of the apron but there was no such color in any of the fabric stores, so I used off-white which is an oyster color.  I used narrow bias tape but you can use regular size.  If I make another one using this fabric I will buy fabric dye and color white bias tape to match the turquoise plate in the print.

I thought the print might be a replica of 1940s plates, but it might be Victorian.  It is nice to have a special apron for those days when I have to use Grandmothers China for company.

Please check back to this post later, as I will try to add the New Look dress from the pattern I have used a lot in this series, which matches this apron.  

Here it is on the dress form worn over the wheat colored dress I made:

And here is the dress, from fabric I got at Walmart last year.  I do not find neutrals often that I like, amd this dress is one of my favorite.

I was hesitating to post it yet because I have not finished making matching belt.

The dress was made to celebrate this field of Queen Anne's Lace, and the print was the closest I could get to looking like the pattern of flowers.

There has been no time for the watercolor of this that I had planned.

Below is the apron I made with the teatime fabric from Hobby Lobby.

It is called Rose Garden Tea For Two Pink Fabric at Hobby Lobby or can be ordered fro, their website.


Anonymous said...

You have made a lovely apron. The material has such an interesting and pretty pattern. I always prefer my aprons to be patterned; it does a much better job of hiding signs of use as the day goes on. The few all white aprons that I have are hardly ever used.

A couple of months ago, I bought two beautiful and very functional aprons from an op shop. They are exactly like View C from your simplicity pattern. One is varying shades of blue, and the other pink. They are my new favourites, so the others have been relegated to the cupboard while I enjoy my "new" ones.

Unknown said...

I really like the apron! Great job! Christina

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Very pretty. If I could sew, and I can't, I'd like the one in the upper left corner. With large pockets. They remind me of the smocks the teachers would use in lower grades to carry extra supplies around to share with the children. Very handy.

Dawn said...

Your new apron is so cute. I really like the plate print.

All the styles for that pattern are very nice. View F looks like it would perfect for a clothes pin apron.

I don't know if I'd be brave enough to wear such a light color in a dress, but I do love those creamy tone on tone prints for tops.

anonymous said...

Your vintage apron with plate print is so pretty with the wheat colored dress. And the dress style is perfect for you. The off white bias binding is perfect with the wheat colored dress. I like the detail of cutting the pockets of a single plate each.

I really enjoy the pink print apron and after wearing it, have decided it will be my Sunday apron. To be worn after church for lunch and dinner meals. That way I won't wear it out. I go through aprons pretty fast.

I wear ankle length skirts and when they wear out would like to repurpose them into an apron. Would you or your readers have any ideas how to do this with an A-line skirt?

Thank you Lydia for sharing the vintage aprons and beautiful dress with us today. You are always an inspiration for us.

Unknown said...

Lady Lydia your newly created aprons are gorgeous! Your dress is pretty too. You certainly have an eye for picking out gorgeous vintage/feminine fabrics. My few purchased aprons are looking pretty worn since I use them everyday. I do sew so maybe it's time I try my hand at sewing a new one or two as well. Thank you for the inspiration :)

living from glory to glory said...

Hello Dear Lydia, This post was a joy to see and read as the topic of aprons always interest me. I also bought some of the material you used to make that apron. But what I made did not fit me, so I saved it to try my hand at those material yo-yos.
I now wish I had gone back and gotten some more. I think the older aprons almost always had some bias tape or rickrack on them.
And the tea cup apron in pink is just perfect for you...
The photo of the Queen Anne lace was lovely, You always inspire me!
Always, Roxy

Stephanie said...

Charming aprons, dear Lydia, and the fabrics are just too sweet! I love having aprons hanging up in my kitchen and have a fun little collection of them. Roxy also made one for me which I truly cherish and enjoy :)

Have a most blessed week. Hugs!

ladypinktulip said...

What a lovely apron! We need to bring back the art of wearing aprons. It would save our dresses from stains. So pretty. Kelly Thompson

Jaclyn Juliette said...

Wow! At first I thought the image of the Queen Anne's Lace flowers was a postcard.....until I saw the next photo of you standing amongst them. How beautiful! And I agree that the flowers do inspire a painting.....or perhaps a lovely hand-sewn wearable item!
- Jackie Juliette, NYC

Lydia said...

Pi do hope to make a painting of it!

Dawn said...

I just happened to revisit this post and see another apron. Wow, that floral and tea cups fabric is just beautiful. It would also make a sweet tablecloth and/or napkins.