Saturday, October 31, 2015

An Artist's Studio

There are times when I feel there is nothing of interest to post. Someone told me that even if I posted a cup of tea, there would people people out there who would be brightened by it and would give them a bit of a lift. Today I am sharing the place I go outside, temperature permitting, to make my little sketches.  The good thing about having an outside studio is there is no distraction from all the indoor things there are to do!

I have not painted in awhile but hope to have something to share soon!  Today is Saturday, and I am making communion bread as well as ironing shirts and finding all the things we need, as well as getting the house cleaned so that we can function smoothly in the morning.  My goal is to paint a picture by the end of the day.


Laura Jeanne said...

Your cups of "tea" do look lovely. Did you find that the drink gave you the burst of energy the packaging promised?

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I like that plaid throw. I had one like that in our motor home that the puppy adopted as his own when we traveled. When we got our 2nd dog she decided she liked it as well and it's got teeth marks to prove it.

Try Emergen-C tabs for a warm drink in the morning. Their tangerine flavor is wonderful.

Well we're hoping the promised rain will come Monday. These 85º days don't get me in the fall mood.

Debbie Gnagey said...

Your outdoor studio looks delightful, with the comfy quilt and soft pillows, fall leaves beneath and the beautiful outdoors. All inspiring to the artist within us all! Thank you for posting!

Mrs. C said...

Dear Lydia,

If you're not sure what to post may I be so bold to suggest re-posting some of your old articles? You have posts going back to 2006 or 2007 and so many of them remind us of the importance of being at home, manners in the home, etc. Re-posting some of those would be easier for us to read rather than going through all the archives ourselves because you have written a lot over the last 10 years =)

God bless you!

Mrs. C

ladypinktulip said...

I love the pictures you post. They always encourage me. Love Kelly Thompson

Lynn Maust said...

Your thought of being free of in-home distractions while OUTSIDE is a good one for the artist in you. You are painting as most if not all the Expressionists did...both European and American....keep going! LOve!

Aline Law said...

Dear Lydia,
I enjoyed the pictures and hearing about what you are doing.
Simple everyday things are interesting too :-)
Thanks for what you do.
Aline Law

Linda said...

It looks like a very beautiful and peaceful place to just look around and enjoy all the beauty God has given us.

Lydia said...

I simply enjoy the flavor of the hot drink, but haven't had it long enough to detect any extra energy. It has nutrients and minerals, and must be some benefit. The smell is just wonderful,