Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Walk

I like the soft colors: the deep red, light green, sage, soft pinks and seafoam green in this painting called

Down Pour

By: LaVere Hutchings Item #: 8650485

And today dear ladies I want to make it Go-For- A-Walk day, at least for me.  If you want to join in, all you need is to go for a walk some time today or when you happen upon this post, no matter what day, and mentally note what you hear, see, smell or feel.  If the weather is not suitable, you can, like ladies used to do, go for an inside-the-house walk.  You can make a route for yourself and appreciate everything you see or hear or sense along the way, outside or inside.  

Here is something I am sharing from my walk:

 I perched my cup on the swing seat while I continued on the path.  Here, it has rained a bit and so I had "raindrop tea" outside. Walking is a way of treating the senses to the sounds and scents and sights and feeling of the day.

This is a rare tea cup I found at a Goodwill, and since I like cottages and houses, it is one I value a lot.  These kind with cottages on them are not easy to find around here. 

After a few daily walks, you will begin to pack some take-a-walk supplies, like a basket with a camera, notebook/sketchbook, an extra shawl or sweater, or just a bag to collect interesting things.

A walk creates a different way of thinking, and kind of relieves the mind of worry.

There is an organization called the News that continually broadcasts worry, and women are very adept at worrying about everything in the world.  Jesus said "My peace I give unto you." 

John 14:27  Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

Other places in the New Testament say Christians are supposed to pursue peace, which means to go after it.  And yet, the news can be so upsetting as to make ladies at home take their eyes off the duties God gave them, particularly guarding the home and paying attention to their husband and children.  It is a serious waste of a good mind to allow it to dwell on the negative that you can do nothing about, and it can also harm your health.

We know the world is not at peace, and so does God, but we should especially know that God wants Christian women to be at peace. 

  I knew a woman who spent most of her life worrying about the end of the world and it caused her to have no interest in pursuing the good and the lovely things of life.  She died from problems relating to anxiety, and had wasted many days watching and listening to the news media reports of every known negative thing.

If you are being affected by the news, try a three day media fast.  If you feel isolated by it, substitute a "yes" for a "no" by visiting the beautiful and positive blogs on my blogroll and the blogs on other people's blog lists.  There you will find people sharing interesting things they are doing. This good news in real life, and probably more authentic than some of the news you hear on national media. This is something that can only bring good into your life. 

Look around you and noticed that no matter what the news on any given day, life goes on.  The trucks go past on the highway full of food and merchandise to stock the stores.  Notice the shelves in the market places that have things you may be looking for to make your family more comfortable and your house a nice place to spend many happy hours.  The continual bad news does not stop the market from going on, so why do some ladies put their dreams on hold til something is sorted out in the world? 

The real news that matters is the actual things that make a difference in your life every day: what the sermon was about in church on Sunday, what your children are learning, things your family has done, the hospitality you have given, and the trucks still coming down the road with food and fabric for the stores you visit. :-). I live in a place where the sounds of tractors and trucks is so loud I have to close my doors and windows, but it is all good news to me.  When I see the logging trucks with the huge loads of timber, and later the trucks loaded with packages of lumber, I know someone is going to be able to get the materials they need, to build a house. When I hear the farm tractors and see the trucks loaded with pumpkins, it is my news.  Someone is employed, someone's land is yielding a good crop, and someone is living life as it should be led.  When all this passes by my road, I know that there is a lot in this world that is orderly and sensible. Generally, what is right in front of you is what you will get your news and your contentment from.

Our work at home must continue, no matter what the world reports.  Think of all the good and creative things that can be done in the home while time is wasted in worry.  Even if you do get some things accomplished, if you carry the hype and the anxiety  of the world in your mind, you lose the ability to focus and concentrate and enjoy the beautiful minutes of daily life. When you feel worry coming on, substitute a yes for a no, and treat yourself and your loved ones to something good and uplifting. 

In future posts I hope to make suggestions for things to do that will replace negative thoughts and worry, that will also bring progress in your life.  For today, just take a little walk.  Maybe you can carry a little basket or hand made nature bag to collect delicate flowers or leaves or things to make an indoor arrangement, or maybe you can use the time to listen, to breath slowly and deeply (there is probably a lovely blog by that name:-) and to get some data for your little notebook. This notebook has to be your good-times book where you record whatever is lovely. 

 More and more I see why the Word of God empasizes filling the mind with whatever is good and beautiful and tells us to guard our hearts and mind from dwelling on the things that bring our moods down and take our attention off the important things of home.  In the long run, the news reports will not make a better day at home for you or help you get your list of things to do fulfilled.  The news will not help you or motivate you to get your house cleaned up, your laundry or dishes washed. However, there are some motivational videos you can watch or listen to that are designed to help you do your best.  Substitute these good broadcasts for the depressing news broadcasts. 

Also, if you have lived more than half a century, you come to realize that it has always been bad news and we have never been able to fix it.  It's a mistake to think we can fix the world, and it will drive you crazy when you don't make an progress at it.  However, you can fix your home, clean your house, learn to cook, sew, paint, teach, and a myriad of things that can't be numbered.  There is so much to do and see and learn, we wonder why anyone has time to hear the bad news.  Stay with the good news and see how much better your life gets.

Other things I have done today:

Laid out my fall fabrics so I can cut out some things...I really like that salmon/coral color...

Sketched the things I want to paint in my old Bible,

...and tried to figure out how to get the pages pasted back in place.  You will see a colorful waterfall and some nice lettering on these pages when I get it finished.

I have done my preliminary sketch for this dress on some good paper that I am trying out, but have been a bit delayed as I am trying to find a good eraser.  School erasers alter the grain of the paper too much.  I have a little collection of ideas here, including a picture of a window with curtains. 

When I as exploring the new Hobby Lobby store in my area, I found a free flyer that showed a picture of a fake cake made with florals, similar to ones I have made in the past. I want t make a  new one now for a centerpiece and add scent.

A chalkboard from Dollar Tree for my motivational saying,

...and a used book with patterns for making doll dresses out of fancy handkerchiefs and old crochet pieces.

There has not been time to finish any of these things because the cleaning lady, cook, laundry crew, gardener, secretary and hostess did not come today and I have to do it all!

Spring at Dogtown

By: LaVere Hutchings Item #: 8650494


living from glory to glory said...

Dear Lydia, I am just so refreshed after reading this post! I will say that having a media fast is very important. As the news can be so distressing! I love how you said what we should really be concerning ourselves with! I will take a walk in the morning and enjoy the peace and the sounds. I loved that little chalkboard and your saying you wrote on it!
Blessings, Roxy

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Your cottage tea cup set was very pretty. I rarely find any teacups and saucers at Goodwill or thrift stores around here that are not chipped. I did find a very large teacup (I suppose it is still a teacup, even if it is bigger than normal) on my last thrift store trip. It didn't have the matching saucer, but the pattern on the cup was beautiful hand painted hollyhocks. I liked finding a big teacup, because I usually make enough tea, with a little milk and a little sugar in it for myself and my little dog. He begs for tea when I have it, so I pour some from my teacup into a little bowl for him. I believe it is the scent of the milk in the tea that attracts him so.

A news fast sounds like a good idea. There really are so many other things that I could/should be doing and thinking about.

While reading your post I had an idea to start writing the highlights of the day in my little notebook on my to do list page at the end of each day. It will be good to look back over the days and see all that was accomplished and the good things that can happen in a day.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady Lydia,

Thank you for your beautiful writing - you have such a way with words, that brings a peaceful and calm feeling to me. You are very talented.
I stopped watching and reading the news 3-4 years ago. My teenage children have done the same, and my husband has cut down considerably. I do not miss it one bit, and am certain that the doom and gloom and barrage of negativity that news brings is particularly damaging to women and children.
I'm going for a walk with my husband after dinner. It's a lovely warm day here in Melbourne, Australia. (33 degrees Celsius - which is warmer than usual for this time of year.) I'll think of you during my walk, and feel blessed for the encouragement and kindness you share with me, and all the women who read your blog.

Yours Sincerely, Mara.

Mrs. Christopher Daniels said...

Great post Mrs. Sherman!

Christine said...

Dear Lydia,
This is a wonderful post, which will aid all of us in keeping our energies on what is happening in our homes and around us, without (and I hate to say this) being manipulated by the main stream media. It is a reminder that there are many good and lovely things occurring right inside and outside our doors!
Although I walk most every day, I shall try your idea of writing down the interesting and beautiful things I may happen upon in my travels.


Miss Betsy said...

Thank you, Lady Lydia, for printing that beautiful rainy day painting, "Down Pour". I have always loved the rain, and now that my state is having a drought I especially miss it. I'd never heard of LaVere Hutchings before, and when I clicked on her name it took me to a website where I was privileged to see many of her other works, for sale as prints. My favorite was one called "Street Lights" which is also a rainy day scene around Christmas time. What beautiful, inspiring paintings. You really enrich our lives by introducing us to these gifted artists.

Suzanne said...

I was at my knitting group yesterday and a new lady was present. In getting to know her she recanted how upset she had been the day before because "everything had just gotten to her". She actually started to tear up! I asked her what was wrong and she related how all the child atrocities on the news had upset her so. I told her I do not watch the news anymore and scroll right by any newscasts on FB of unpleasant news. Not to hide my head in the sand,but to keep me from getting so bothered. I told her I just continually, in my quiet time, pray for the Lord to protect children and world troubles, etc. She did say she was going to stop watching the news for a bit. When I sit to knit I would rather listen to praise music or hear the nature outside than the troubles of the world I can do nothing about. I feel cowardly at times, but I realized it is too upsetting and in the end there is nothing I can do. Prayer is the bigger contribution I can make:-)

Lydia said...

Miss Betsey, I added one more of her paintings that looked like a walking path.

Laura Jeanne said...

Thank you for posting this today. I took your suggestion, and after hanging the laundry outside this morning, I went for a little stroll around our property with my 4 year old. I noticed some leaves that are starting to turn colours, and I found a few pumpkins to pick and bring into the house. I need to take a little breather like this more often, rather than rushing from one task to another.

lorie said...

This post was just what I needed today!

Lynn said...

The last painting of the country road reminds me of 'back home'...Bucks Co., Pa. Sigh. Now you have really given me a new outlook on news I get on my computer....all troubling stuff and I think I will not read them anymore. Just the happy videos of how to accomplish this and that around the home....thanks so much for this insightful post....I just love it and we all love you! I too love your little chalkboard and your saying to keep in mind....
Going for the walks gets me looking towards the heavens....we have had incredibly magnificent clouds all summer long and they are continuing here...I also understand about the truck noises....we too have logger's trucks rolling by right in town! But it is all for a good purpose.

Lynn said...

Laura are so right...take the little breathers and remember to do that....I will too!

Dawn said...

It's after 10pm as I read this so it is too late and dark for a walk now, but an autumn walk is such a wonderful thing to do. The sun is bright, the air is crisp and full of wonderful scents, and the scenery is so colorful. I hope to take your advice and have a walk tomorrow.

Your book of doll clothing is just darling. IIRC, some time ago you posted about a book with clothing made from hankies for Barbie dolls that was just so cute.

The news can really be anxiety provoking. It seems like everything in the world is going the wrong way. I fight with myself over getting too immersed in it. I don't think I can do a total news fast but I try to check news stories only in the morning and then forget about it for the rest of the day and just read homey or uplifting blogs and articles.

The late-night newscast on TV is to be avoided at all costs as that makes me prone to worry and trouble sleeping. I would think it's something most people should avoid.

Lydia said...

Dearest Lydia,

It has been an age since I last dropped you a missive, and find myself eager to write. I love your article on walks and worrying, it is a beautiful post. Indeed, even if the sky does fall in as it were, local communities keep on keeping on ( we have an excellent example of this here in Aus as you may well remember especially in the face of bushfire and cyclone; the people still pull together, get on with the job and light candles rather than cursing the darkness). Today despite the heat, our distilation factory that makes everything from ethanole fuel to powdered milk still chugs along in the background 24 hours a day 7 days a week, our garden continues to produce, even though our cumquat is a little il at the moment, the nursery (garden centre) 15 minutes drive south of here is there with help at hand if things don’t right themselves and just this evening as my husband and I took our dinner out on the bhack deck, he saw two beautiful rainbow Laurakeets in a tree at the bottom of our garden. Our cheese factory in the south of town keeps on making Cambembert, the dairy farms still have good green pastures and even one of the local cafes that has had to close, the now former chef is looking at new opportunities and happy for time that can be spent with his daughter; glass half full.There’s an old saying about the news game; if it bleeds, it leads; that is, the more depressing and sensationalist, the more coverage it will invariably get. Listen to this song; John Williamson echoes your sentiments perfectly. The words are arrestingly beautiful, even in the face of sadness, God’s creation can lift our burdened hearts. Do listen to it all. John Williamson is an incredible writer of lyrics; a wonderful bard; I think this could even be perfect for ‘Home Living.

Love always,


Lydia said...

Sarah Elliot, you are right: we need to gauge the state of the earth by other things that we can see around us, rather than what we see or hear or read on the network news. Keep in mind the news is a privately owned business that tries to make you feel and think and act a certain way, and make value judgements based on their reports. There are many things good and bad they never report. In church we depend on our own missionary reports via email as to what is actually happening, and we know it's eyewitness, not something coming over the wire.

The real news is what is going on that you can see or prove or investigate. It's impossible to verify or investigate the- sky-is-falling terror that assaults our homes and cars through the media.

First hand information is always good, and if you know people who are traveling, they often have cameras and phones and can send a more realistic and truthful report of things going on in other places.

ladypinktulip said...

This post refreshed my mind and spirit. I was thinking as I read your post about how in the Jane Austen films the characters are always taking "a turn around the room" or going for walks in the garden. They knew that was a soul lifting way to gather ones thoughts and senses. The media is biased and we cannot trust things that are said. It is put forth to produce fear which is what the government is hoping for. We still can have beautiful days and moments in our homes and bless our beloveds living with us. Wonderful post sister Lydia. Love, Kelly Thompson

Nancy said...

Lydia, when I read this my mind wandered back to hearing of older generations speak of their "daily constitutionals." One of the things I love about your writing is that you draw attention to the simple, free ways of living that were once ingrained in the daily rituals of the past generations but have largely become lost to us. I never cease to wonder at what a profound difference a simple walk can make on my mental disposition, and this is true in any kind of weather, for if it is inclement, I find there is a grateful spirit in returning to the coziness of home.

Polly said...

This is encouraging and contains so much truth. I am a BIG fan of the media fast. It's so helpful to maintaining a sense of balance and least for me.

I love the idea of the indoor walk--"taking a turn around the room" as they used to say. I actually have a friend who does this regularly! She's also in good shape, so I guess taking a turn (or a few dozen) actually works!

Andrea R said...

What a lovely post! I really enjoyed it! I spend most of my days walking about the house, but don't usually take the time for a "real walk"..I should do it!

Anonymous said...

A very timely post, for me as well. I am another one who has decided to fast from watching or reading the news...and focusing on the GOOD News of God and His word. He will keep us in perfect peace, if we keep our minds stayed on Him...trusting in Him. (Isaiah 26:3), and what a blessing that is! ~ Marsha

Anonymous said...

A very timely post, for me as well. I am another one who has decided to fast from watching or reading the news...and focusing on the GOOD News of God and His word. He will keep us in perfect peace, if we keep our minds stayed on Him...trusting in Him. (Isaiah 26:3), and what a blessing that is! ~ Marsha

Songsparrowgarden said...

'Raindrop Tea' . . . fascinating idea.. . wonderful!