Monday, October 26, 2015

Sewing Inspiration

"Allover Flower" by Leslie Beck from Joanne Fabrics. It is one of their regular fabrics the store has stocked for years and years, so I was able to get a lot of it for mother/daughter/grandmother dresses.

Today I finished a dress for the home, using the above fabric. 

The fabric has a soft sheen and feels silky.  I used some pieces, such as the sleeves, from a German pattern I like called Neu Mode.

This is a good print and color for both spring and autumn. 

The neckline and sleeves have pink piping.

It is quite trendy to have your picture taken with an old truck!

Although it's a dress for the home, I am going to wear it while it is brand new to a tea I am going to tomorrow.

I saw this Cinderella carriage in Sisters, Oregon. People pay to have their photo taken inside this beautiful carriage, and often dress up for the occasion. It would be interesting and enjoyable to make a costume to wear in this carriage! I am thinking about it!

I would love to have something like this waiting outside the front door, wouldn't you?  Hmmm...I can make almost anything out of cardboard :-)... Maybe I should give it a try.

This is a wrought iron table-top size from the Hobby Lobby site.

I am trying to make a coach from an old wagon I have, and if it is a success I will post the results here.

Although I wash and pre-shrink the fabric before sewing, these cotton dresses will always shrink a little, over time, so the hem will be shorter. Although it seems long, I usually wear boots, which makes the dress not so long as you see in the picture with just my flats.

I wanted to show you how pretty this green cotton tee shirt cardigan looks.  I love the new cardigan designs that look like there is a scarf in the front. 

The cardigan is from Bi-Mart, and the label is Gabrielle Rhode-Royce, about $5.99 on sale. No, there aren't any left in the store.  I was looking for a pink one to go with the pink piping trim on the neckline, but pinks are sometimes hard to match.  However I hope to find the fabric and make a pink jacket to match.  

I picked the fabric because it looks like a meadow of flowers in the spring, and the changing color of leaves in the autumn.


Suzanne said...

The dress is very pretty and I love the piping on the sleeves! The green sweater compliments it nicely. Sweet for a tea, have fun:-)


Finding Joy said...

What a lovely fabric which looks so nice on you. And I do like that piping, really adds some style to your outfit.

Laura Jeanne said...

Your new dress looks perfect with that green sweater, and you look so pretty! Well done. :)

Andrea R said...

You are such a pretty lady...I'm thankful you model feminine beauty, rather than succumbing to chopped hair, no makeup, frumpy jeans and screen printed sweatshirts..what a role model!

Beautiful dress you made, and I love green!

Lynn said...

You are looking just so pretty and cute...younger all the time! Have a lovey day at the tea...

Tricia said...

What a lovely dress on a lovely lady! Thank you so much for sharing your dresses and pictures! It was a perfect pick me up on a gray, rainy day here in Chicago!

Anonymous said...

You look very lovely!

Dawn said...

Your new dress is so pretty and the green cardigan matches perfectly. I love that cascading style of cardigan.

Awww, that Cinderella coach is just beautiful.

anonymous said...

Hi Lydia,
Your new dress is lovely and the matching sweater is really pretty with it. You did a wonderful job.
I have seen that fabric at JoAnn's before and it is as you say, very soft and smooth.

My niece used a pretty white open carriage in her wedding. They are amazing to see up close, so big.
It was fun to see a photo of the "Cinderella" carriage on your blog. Just so intricate in detail.

Hope you had a good time at tea recently.


Linda said...

Dear Lydia, I always feel so refreshed and relaxed when I read your posts.