Thursday, October 08, 2015

The Wash Stand

This year I have been trying to do some things I have always wanted to do.  Yesterday I was looking at the tree stump that sits in my back yard and decided to use it as an out door wash stand, for a nature themed hair treat!

A tub of water with fragrant flower petals, a tin pitcher of rinse water, a shampoo bar and cream conditioner, and the table is set for this fresh-air event.

Washing hair outside is quite a bit different in the excercise,  and very refreshing.  I highly recommend it, as  it reminded me why  it feels so good to wash your hair.  When we were out of sorts or feeling restless, our mothers told us to wash our hair.  It gives a new perspective when washing hair this way because it requires a different posture.  Afterwards, when you wrap your head in a fresh, crisp towel from the line, you feel renewed and happy and somehow reassured that you are not without the ability to be happy.  Try this, just for the experience of one happy moment.
The warm sun is a perfect hair-dryer.  As people sometimes ask where things came from, here is the list from the best I can remember:  Tub, hair brush, soap bar and old fashioned jar container are from Dollar Tree and come in several colors.  Towel with pink trim, $3.85 from Walmart, is also available in other sizes and many other colors; mirror, tin pouring pitcher and pink metallic flower pot from Goodwill, each approximately $1.00 after discount coupon (when you donate, some Goodwills give you a 20 percent coupon--- so, as the expression  goes around these parts "Always have a box of  donations in your car.") Pink charger: $1.00 from Michaels.  As the tree trunk still has a lot of sap, I covered it first with plastic trash bag, which is not visible in the picture. 

This week, I am doing a few things outside: reading, painting, gardening, and other things that I might post as my time allows. We could all do one thing a day just to bring one happy moment into our lives. The world is sad enough, but what you do at home is your own business and your own news.

A few years ago when I was getting things collected for a yard sale, quite a few of you advised me to keep all those extra things, and I am glad I did, since it has been nice to play with some of it!

Thanks for coming to see me here and I hope you are blessed by it.

This looks kind of wilderness-y but really I am quite civilized.  I do have all the modern amenities :-) but sometimes it is refreshing to go camping in my own back yard. :-)


Lydia said...

Helena has left a new comment on your post "The Wash Stand":

Occasionally, my mother, peasant born in Russia, would collect rain water in basins and wash my hair outside using this collected water- followed by an egg yolk treatment. The rain water made for very soft and luscious hair. Growing up in the horrible aftermath of the Russian revolution my mother reveled in nature. After a summer thunderstorm my mother would get one or two of us to walk around town to see if any trees were taken down by lightning. She would so much enjoy the beautiful clear air after such a storm. We spent hours searching for 4 leafed clovers and making hair ornaments from dandelions. I haven't washed my hair outside using rain water for years but this post and my thoughts about that lovely memory make me want to gather up my basins for the next rain.

Andrea R said...

I am blessed so much to read Helena's comment. To be given a bit of a portrait of what others have found respite in, is so beautiful.

Lydia, I enjoyed this post so very much. When you talked about the world being sad..but making your own news at home is your business, was wonderful. How true that is.

I could almost smell the shampoo and conditioner, and feel the cool water from your lovely description and picture.

Thank you so much for such a blessing of a post.

Unknown said...

How fun! Someone likes pink:) thanks for sharing! Christina

Kimberly said...

So interesting!

ladypinktulip said...

I really enjoyed Helena's comment. Simple things like washing our hair outside is a nurturing activity I would think. I know I love to go outside in the sun after I have washed my hair and let the breeze and fresh air dry it while I watch my squirrels and birds in the feeders. What a lovely idea for the tree stump! Love Kelly

anonymous said...

The times I washed my hair outdoors was when we were camping in the hot desert.
Oh, that was so refreshing to get all the sand out of my hair and cool off!
Other times camping in the forests during summer months. I loved sitting in the warm morning sun letting my hair dry while reading a book, then brushing it all soft and fragrant.

As a teen I would put a few drops of cologne in a cup of warm water to moisten the ends of my hair and set curlers in my hair after the shampoo. When I let them dry and brushed my hair, it was an extra treat.

Thank you for sharing this delightful post. So pretty.


Dawn said...

I can't remember the last time I washed my hair outside of the shower. It must be years. I remember I used to shampoo my hair outside in the summer using the hose. And then sit outside while my hair dried.

I think getting all the blood in your head and face when letting the head hang unpside down during a shampoo must be very good for the skin and hair follicles. It must also help the brain and make you feel refreshed.

You created such a pretty and romantic shampoo spot, like something out of a book, where the fairies have their shampoos in the forest.

Jen said...

I am very curious about what bar soap you chose to use for your hair! I have been looking at natural shampoo bars online ( I really dont want all the plastic packaging) but honestly they are too expensive. I have used just Ivory soap as it's pretty basic and you remember the actual brand of soap you used? Thanks in advanced!

Lydia said...

Any clear, glycerine bar of soap will suds up nicely on wet hair, especially if the water is soft. I use Pears glycerine soap if i do t have shampoo.. This one is a peach scented bar of Tone which comes in a package of two from Dollar Tree. One advantage to the bars of soap is for people who are sensitive to the ingredient called ammonium laurel sulfate, which can give your fingers a skin condition hat is very hard to heal. There are now non-sulfate shampoos you can get, which say so right on the front label.

Lynn said...

I have been collecting rain water for my garden. Now instead, I will wash my hair with it. I never knew rain water is good for the hair. Thank you for your lovely post that I just came across a bit belatedly!

Mrs. Cote said...

I feel like I must have been very spoiled by my mom because for me this is missing a little propane stove to heat the water up! My limit for coolness in wash water is somewhere around tepid but I prefer warm :) A lovely idea, though.

Lydia said...

Mrs. Cote, the water in the pan was warmed by the sun, and the water in the pitcher was hot from the Tap :-)