Saturday, December 26, 2015

Morning Tea and Conversation

(More to come..)


Anonymous said...

It's morning and I'm having my morning coffee. And I've yet to see such a short post from you, Lady Lydia, so I'm guessing you'd like some conversation from your readers, so here goes.
I've had a pretty good Christmas. But if I'm perfectly honest, I love my daily and weekly routines, the simple comfort of daily patterns. And now I feel a little bit lost, a little bit out of sorts. My eating is completely out of balance, as well. I think that plays a part in how I feel.
I plan to go for a nice leisurely walk, have a refreshing shower, get dressed in a favourite skirt and do a little bit of this and that about the house. Lunch is already sorted; I boiled some eggs and made curried egg filling, and chopped up some celery too, for sandwiches for lunch.

I hope everyone has a lovely day.

Lydia said...

Good morning dear Mara,

I have had some awful computer problems since I posted this. I had hoped to get back to this post sooner. I so appreciate your wonderful feedback about what you are doing.

I am making a list of things I would like to post about and address on this blog, and waiting for some essential repairs to my computer system here at home. Meanwhile I am using my husbands office computer and it is not very convenient and I cannot really take my time. His office is not set up for two people to work in!

Today is the day it should all be cleared up and I can begin blogging again!

I can identify with feeling of being out of sorts sometimes, in eating working and such. When we are home, we have to somehow regulate ourselves and become the manager of our lives. Honestly, sometimes I miss being a kid at home and just doing whatever my parents were doing or whatever they wanted me to do, going on trips with them, having meals my mother made, etc. I did not realize what a luxury it was! In my family there was always a balance and there was no obsessing over anything. We didnt have too much to do, or too little. But as you say, getting in a walk and a shower and then eating a high protein breakfast can be a nice start, and settle your mind.


Gill said...

I too am enjoying some peaceful family time, relaxed and settling back into a normal routine after a houseful of guests for two weeks. How lovely it is to return to simple easy nutritious meals, and to have a fridge full of cold boiled ham, cheeses and plenty of fresh fruit. I shall start to remove our decorations soon, bit by bit as they went up and am looking forwards to a fresh and simple decor again. We have snow now, and I sit and take my afternoon tea in my rocker by the window, watching the sun sink behind the hills across the river. As the days lengthen I will begin to pick up my handwork again, I am excited to start a new Crochet blanket in January and I really do want to start a quilt that I have been planning for far too long! I am also anticipating some cosy evenings with the books that have been piling up for a few months now. What a blessing deep winter can be.

Alex said...

A cup of tea, did you say? Oh yes please! I do love to come here...somehow the peaceful aroma of tea, sense of stability and fun in making use of the blessings we find at home every day, they provide a balm to the soul. I know I am not alone in thinking this!
So Happy New Year, Lady Lydia, thank you for what you do....and keep being you :)

I took my grown up son to the station today, he's going back to his University town where he lives and works... On returning the house seems rather an empty nest, but that is part of parenting and loving: letting go. I will cosy up with a cuppa and all my favourite blogs and look forward to lighter days, projects to do and eventually seeds to sow. Not long now!
New Year blessings!

Lydia said...

Thank you for your lovely comment!

I seem to be back online now and hope to post after my morning tea.

It is new year in AUstralia and New Zealand. We should ask them if the New Year is nice so we will know ahead of time what to expect ;-)

I am expecting the repair crew next week to install a new modem and check cables and such.

Internet is important to me because it is my window to the world , as I am sort of out in the country and it is the way I connect with many other people in the same situation. I also want to live in the present, not in the past. I don't want to return to the days of smoke signals ;-) I like being able to communicate from my home and to also open my home via skype to other people. Ladies, Please contact me if you want to visit via skype sometime and I will have virtual tea with you and we can chat about any subject you choose.

I guess I will attempt a post now before I lose internet again.