Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Wednesday is Wreaths

                                     (Painting by Constance Lael from Allposters)

Today a blogger sent me a notice of the seasonal blog home tours for the week. Wednesday features wreaths....
   I thought it a good time to share my "vintage truck" love...

...and a lovely card by Lang, featuring vintage truck art:

I like the creative  way people enjoy in their homes and their surrounding property. They make their places feel like it somewhere important, by the way they present the house, the land, the activities, and the interaction with thise who live there.  It is nice that people share so many uplifting things on the blogs, esoecially the homemaker and homeschool blogs.  Although I homeschooled in the 1980's, i still have a heart full of things I need to say about it, and I am sure a lot of Mothers feel the same way!  I hope to post more on this in the future, Lord Willing.

Regarding my old truck: I like it as it is, and have noticed everyone around here keeps an old truck, for historic and sentimental reasons.  It is part of our landscape.

A friend in Englmd knit this cute plum pudding tea cozy and sent it to me last week. I am enjoying it so much!

..and i want to share a picture of these vintage lanterns on my mantel. I have put battery operated candles in them for light.


Dawn said...

I think your lanterns on the mantel are so pretty.

ladypinktulip said...

The farmer I buy my vegetables from in the summer has a very vintage truck
sitting in the field by his tomatoes. I think it is neat because it reminds me
of the truck in the The Waltons. It just sort of belongs there in the field
reminding me of how many times it worked to carry vegetables to folks back in the
day. In December he puts Christmas lights on it. I love your lanterns with
the candle lights, they are very cozy and pretty. Love Kelly Thompson

Melissa M. said...

Gorgeous pictures! I really like the lanterns on your mantel!

Lynn said...

So do I! I want to find big ones....the little votives are so weak...beautiful, Lydia....and the truck looks charming along with the cute card too.....and also noticed you put the Chic blog on you side bar....that is Great!

Unknown said...

Lydia, hello this is me Dolores Moore. I just sent you a comment and I accidentally sent it in my husband's email address- sorry. I am learning!

Missuz C said...

Vintage trucks are standard yard ornaments where I come from. Love yours decked with wreath. We rolled our 20 yo vintage truck on black ice last year...grateful to be alive, but we shore do miss that truck! Life ain't the same without it!