Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Homemaking Tips From Hotel and Resort Training

                                             (photo: The Plaza Hotel and Resort)

If you have cleaned house for more than a few years, it is sometimes nice if you can get a little inspiration from other places - maybe a favorite shop, or historical home, a vacation spot, or the home of a friend.  While your home may not look  like a fancy resort, it does have some of the qualities of hotels and resorts, especially if you are trying to keep it clean, comfortable and an enjoyable place to live. 

  Like many other ladies, i am expecting company this season and am trying to notice things a guest may see. Often in a home, you can get used to something and not really "see" it, but watching these  Jani King hotel training videos brings out  things about housekeeping I had not noticed before. There are several of these videos that go in to more detail on how to clean particular areas of the room.

There are of course, big differences in cleaning a home and cleaning hotel rooms, yet there are some things we can learn from them, just as there are homey touches the hotels and resorts get from the home. 

 These people who work in hotels and resorts are very thorough in their routines and have time limits.  They also clean the same rooms nearly every day, which would not be necessary in the home, since there are not different guests each day.  However, the techniques of cleaning from the front door, clockwise around the room, and from celing down to the baseboards, is a good idea. 

 In the home, as opposed to the hotel room, this would not have to be done daily. The tips for cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms are worthwhile, too.  They also show how to use cleaning cloths which are designed to pick up things from the floor or a sink and cabinet top that work better than traditional brooms and cleaning cloths on modern surfaces.

As you know, home life is not all about cleaning, rather, about many other things that make your day very full.  People may not feel the homemaker is "working" according to outside standards, but as the guardian and guide of the home, she is occupied full time. 

There is always the question that is asked many times: "What am I supposed to do all day at home?"  Besides food preparation and clean-up and housekeeping, there is a lot that goes in to making a house a home. The house may be clean but not homey, and the home has to feel inviting, especially to the family. While the hotel scene of the picture, above, is visually pleasing, a real home has a mix of old and new, and personal things. The idea is to arrange it in a way to suit the needs of your family.  


Unknown said...

Lydia, I so enjoy reading your womanly thoughts. Thanks for always sharing your daily life with others.

Lydia said...

Thanks Dolores.

Has it snowed there yet?

Unknown said...

Lydia, we have no snow here in Tennessee only lots of rain! I feel so blessed communicating with you over the internet. I am so new with all of this, but I so enjoy it,Lydia.

Rosemary UK said...

Thank you for potsing so often,I look forward to your lovely posts and enjoy them so much.

ladypinktulip said...

I enjoy your thoughts in every post also. I run out of day before I run out of things to do in my home. Always things to be created, cleaned or enjoyed! Kelly Thompson

Melissa M. said...

Enjoyed your post today (and everyday!)

Rain San Martin said...

Thanks for the tip! I've always looked to old fashioned hotel bed and breakfasts as inspiration myself. We can always learn from the professional industries. I'll check out the video. Thank you for your brave and bold posts on homemaking. I also love your Victorian slant.

Rightthinker said...

Wonderful tips! I do like to treat guests as if they are in a nice hotel or restaurant (we don't have overnight guests anymore, as we have no room to house them with all of the children) so that they truly have a wonderful experience.

These tips are great!