Tuesday, December 22, 2015

One Overcast Day


We are enjoying the noise of rain here and although the skies are clouded, I manged to get a picture. This creature was quite attentive.

We are so very connected to the past and the future with scenes like this! We can identify as much with the shepherds in the fields when Christ was born, as with the caretakers of sheep in the fields around us today.  We are just as  affected by the past as we are the future, for there are many things that never change.

I hope everyone is having a lovely day.


Anonymous said...

It is raining here in the mountains :0) enjoy yours Lydia.

Mallorie said...

Thank you for your beautiful post. It is raining here today, as well. :-)

Anonymous said...

Today (Christmas Eve) in Melbourne, Australia, it is a lovely hot sunny day of 33°C. We are planning on spending today at the beach, and watching the sunset before heading home. The forecast for Christmas Day is the same. After mass, we are going to my in laws for a family lunch, then we will visit my parents.

Unknown said...

As the year closes, I would like to thank you for this blog. It is such a blessing and delight! Thank you for taking the time to encourage and instruct. May you and your family have a very, Merry Christmas and a blessed year in 2016.