Monday, February 13, 2017

Art Posters That Should Be in the Stores I

Blowing Bubbles by Elizabeth Bouguereau

Hello Ladies,

A few years ago I wrote about the poster rack in department stores everywhere.  The posters are so popular with young girls who admire the young female pop stars.  It would be just as easy for these stores to sell posters like these, depicting young mothers interacting with their children.  These prints are available. I think the effect on young girls would be phenomenal. The themes, the historical sttings, the clothing and the parent-child activity has an impact on the heart. I can just imagine them turning the pages of the poster rack and admiring the babies, the clothes, the themes of these paintings. Like speech, art has a huge influence. 

The painting shows a very contented woman enjoying children while they all blow bubbles.

I wonder how Elizabeth Bouguereau painted the bubbles? 

This one is called Blowing Bubbles, painted by the husband and teacher of Elizabeth Gardiner Bouguereau. They both painted in almost identical ways. 

As you know, I am always interested in how these 19th century artists painted the way fabric looked. How did Bougeureau paint the t-shirt showing through the thin fabric? 

Do you not think this would be better for a young girl to have in her room than a poster of a current female pop singer? Posters like this can be ordered from Allposter and other places online, but it wpuld be a good thing and a good influence if shoppers could view them up close in stores, because it would touch the heart with a longing for the goid ways.
Admiration by William Adolphe Bouguereau.

Edmund Blair Leighton's model was his own wife, who also helped him with his props and sewed costumes.
On the Terrace by Edmund Blair Leighton

A Quiet Moment by Edmund Blair Leighton

Signing the register by Edmund B. Leighton

The Shell by Elizaberh Bougeureau.
I would like to find a pattern for that blue dress. 

Below: painting by Cecrope Barilli  . I have not found the name of it.


Blessed Homemaking said...

These are such beautiful paintings, Lydia. I'd love to have art like this in our home. Maybe one day! I also have gotten the most beautiful wall calendars for our home the past couple of years. Perhaps I will have to do a post on it soon.

Gail said...

Even the last picture of the peasant woman in raggedly clothes looks like a queen compared to today's women and fashions. There was so much dignity in their manner of dress.

Mrs. U said...

These are so lovely! Do you have posters like these in your home? If so, how do you display them? In frames? Or another special way?


Lydia said...

As it costs a fortune to get these framed, I use poster frames sold at Walmart, Target, and other department stores.

Homemaker' said...

My favorite is "Signing the Register" - I LOVE her wedding dress and gorgeous veil. Thank you for posting these beautiful posters. Mary S.