Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Midweek Blooms

Did you ever think to yourself how depressing was the poem about the days of the week in which a person was born? Wednesday's child was supposed to be full of woe! What a stigma to walk around with all your life.

 It being Wednesday and such a dark, cold winter, It seemed prudent to splurge on fresh flowers at the grocery store. The prices were very high--$30 dollars for a blooming lily plant or a bouquet-- that will soon die and be thrown out--and outside was parked a cart load of Primroses for 99 cents each.
Above: An old lunch box used as a plant containter.

Being the fanatic, prudent penny-pincher, I counted the blossoms on a primrose plant and found 15 bright flowers on many of the pots.  And, being a typical American, why stop at one? If one is good, why not get 10? Over a dozen roses on each plant for 99 cents and they will not have to be thrown out, nor the vase have to be washed. I feel so luxuriated and pampered . My husband always jokes: "When did I bring those flowers home to you?" because he is fond of sending me out to get my own gifts from him!  (Part of our special humor, ladies!)
With a little web research I found these can grow quite well in the house with special care, so the potted plants are in dishes and containers all over the house today looking sunny and bright. They came in purple, yellow, red, light pink and blue.  I chose the brightest color that would perk up a foggy-looking house.  

To put potted plants in your boxes or other containers without ruining them, line the inside of the box or basket with plastic bags from the grocery store.
There is a pink color and a purple color  everyone is saying belongs to a certain political movement, but I use whatever I like. As soon as we like yellow or blue, some wacky group will claim it their own color and soon we will have nothing, so I just ignore it. If we are always concerned about such things we will just be adding more stress to our lives.  

This one is in an old metal treasure box.

There are four of them in this replica of a wash pan:

one in a basket looks good on this small table:
 I will try to show an area view later when I get things in order around here. 

Some of you may remember the Betty Crocker recipe card file. In the 1980's they sent free samples of these cards and a free box, to get you interested in subscribing to a monthly mail delivery of a packet of cards to complete the set. I ordered a few packets, but, realizing it would have cost way over $100 to complete the set, I cancelled, and never saw them again. I did use the few recipes I got  and liked them a lot.

Now they are surfacing on ebay and etsy at more reasonable prices -- some only $12.00, and many are in unused condition.  It will be interesting to look through these and to pass them on to my children as part of their childhood food experience. I may order a few more so they can each have a set. The cards are glossy and wipeable so they do not get damaged by food or water, and that is what I liked about them. There are several things I wore out or lost in the past that are becoming available, some new, on the web, and it is nice to replace them.

People talking to me on the phone say they hear the awful racket of the storms and wind around here. 

Just pretend you are having tea in a very expensive winter resort:

From Pinterest

I wanted to share this with you before it is delivered to someone who has been sick all week: A Get-Well basket. 

 It is a Dollar Tree tote, candle and soap, plus a red primrose plant from the grocery store, hand made card, a Pink Lady apple.

I have a grand child that quickly writes a Get-Well note when anyone is sick in bed. She believes it is like a vitamin and that it helps them get well.  The card below is a dimensional sticker placed on a circular punched paper and then put on red cardstock.

The Pink Lady apples originated in  the state of Victoria, Australia and there has been a new shipment of them at our local Safeway:
I always admire the color and the name. The skin is shiny and thick. Some of the apples these days are given names just like roses!
The latest totes at Dollar Tree are much more flexible and soft, like the expensive jelly bags at high-end stores. This one is a lot nicer than the hard plastic of the ones I got last year to go with my sewing projects.


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

We have to pay 10¢ a bag at the market if we don't bring our own.It's the state law in CA. the only place that will give you a bag and not charge is the pharmacy. I bought some good heavy jute bags at our Trader Joes and take them to the market with me. they are sturdier than plastic and don't break. My daughter said that the ban goes into effect in Chicago today, but it's only .07¢ a bag there. So now I have a good collection of canvas bags and jute ones to take when I go to the market.

The primroses are bright and cheerful. I went out yesterday and trimmed back my petunia basket. Lots of deadheads on it. With all the rain we've had I hope we'll get some blooms. I'm going to check out the 99¢ store and see if they have any bare root roses on sale. I need a rose here.

Hope your weather improves. We're due for rain this weekend.

Mrs. B. said...

Lady Lydia, you are so creative and cheering. What a lovely post to read on such a grey day!

Outlawing plastic grocery bags?! Oh, dear! They are the perfect size for my bedroom trashcans. What a silly thing to pass a law about, too. Maybe running a city-wide contest about who could create the most useful ways to use the bags or who could collect the most for recycling or something more productive than a ban.

We might get a bit of snow in our neck of the woods; I do hope so for I think it will be our last hurrah before the early spring rains begin.

Dawn said...

Your primroses are so cheery and colorful. I'll have to check if they are being sold around here. I love how you have them tucked into pretty containers and set out all around your home.

What a darling get well basket! And what a sweet grandchild you have. I'm sure all your grandchildren are sweet in their own ways, but I love how get well cards are like vitamins and will help one get well faster.

Ms.Tierra said...

I came across this card file some montgs ago for only five dollars at Goodwill. I really had to get it because it sparked some inspiration in me and I adored all the table.settings on the cards. Mine is like a sage green box I like yours better. I also stick wrappers with recipes, and recipes of my own into the card file for my daughters and I to expand our repertoire.

Your flowers are pretty thrifty. I would love to plant a rose bush one day.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Your primroses really brightened up your home, great idea to place them in pretty containers about the house. How sweet to send a get well basket. You put it together so nicely, and on a nice dollar store budget too! Beautiful card your granddaughter makes, that is such a wonderful gift to receive. Hugs to you today :)

Lynn said...

Mrs. B. is right...I use the plastic ones alllll the time for two garbage of them is recycled things to go to the outdoor container we have here at the house.

It is important to be SURE to have your fabric grocery bags kept sanitary...I have read the harbour nasty germs!

I bought a primrose two days is time for them...they are just too sweet to past up! I am going to send Lydia a few photos of mine...maybe she can post them too...heehee.

I LOVE your granddaughter's thought about the vitamin value of a get-well card...very sweet

Yes..I am one of the group who hears the noisy wind rattling around your house, outside...I do hope that it STAYS there...OUTSIDE...but let's hope it soon subsides....for your sake, Lydia.

Very cheery post today....(smiles)

Unknown said...

I wish the weather will be fine now. Your primroses are really bright.

- Gustavo Woltmann

Livia Rachelle said...

How pretty and cheery for winter; I love the bright color against the white.

Susan in CA said...

I love you, Lady Lydia!! Your comments about the colors purple and pink made me laugh out loud. The other day, I was trying to order a certain type of dress shirt online for my husband...and most of the color selections were in tones of purple, lavender, or pink. Now I have to worry that people might think we're making an unintended political statement when we get dressed, and it's so frustrating! Your blog is a refreshing oasis in an increasingly-crazy world...thank you so much. (And I'm a woeful Wednesday's Child, so the bright, cheerful pictures are much appreciated!)

Lydia said...

Susan in CA, they don't own those colors.

I will be making dresses, kitchen accessories, household things this year in all those colors.

In political circles, there are wives of the senators who say it is not acceptable to wear purple to appointments and events because it is too royal. Purple is also promoted as a color for the old- i.e. the poem "When I grow old I shall wear purple." I remember when purple was a favorite color of girls.

Anonymous said...

Last winter I bought three pretty Primroses and set them in a self-watering container in the shade of my back porch. When they stopped blooming I tucked the container under a bush in the yard because I didn't want to dispose of it. I forgot it was there and this week as I walked in the sad old garden I noticed color coming out from behind that now leafless bush. It was those same little Primroses come to life again and prettier than the year before. What a surprise of color in the sleeping garden, just what I needed.

So pleasant to see them on your post as well. Thank you Lydia.

Blessings, Janet

Anonymous said...

Just love this. I always appreciate your creative ideas to enhance and build home. Things anyone can do. Inexpensive but beautiful touches. Thank you.

MonicasDaughter said...

Thank you Lady Lydia for bringing cheerful and inspiring posts and pictures to your readers. I look forward to sunning myself in the bright little corner that is your blog! God Bless you and your family. :)

Anonymous said...

Words cannot describe how much I love your blog. You bring so much joy and wisdom to this world. Please keep sharing with us your love for the home life. It is very needed these days.

If I can make a request, could you please add the archives (by date) to the left bar again? It used to be very helpful when trying to read older posts.



Burdette Wilson said...

Our well-used Betty Crocker recipe card file sat on the counter next to the fridge for a decade until we sold our family home, after which time I inherited it happily. By then, I had memorized the old favourites and congratulated myself many times over for successful attempts at mastering the time-consuming, skill-requiring recipes within my birth family's long-time kitchen.

Songsparrowgarden said...

Some years ago I found this, about the days of the week. . it may hold more appeal than the one indicating Wednesday's child . . .

Sunday is the day of the SUN, about family, self-confidence, image, power and will;
Monday is Moon day, about intuition, emotional heart, and happiness;
Tuesday is the day of Law and warfare, the day of Mars, action courage and strength;
Wednesday is about wisdom and the day of Mercury, communications, expression, healing;
Thursday is a day of thunder and Jupiter, about fortune, optimism, prestige, wealth & expansion;
Friday is the day of love and Venus, about relationships, balance, affection, beauty and the arts;
Saturday is the day of Saturn, order, self-discipline, effort, solitude and FATE.