Friday, February 24, 2017

Winter Vacations

Hello Ladies,

It is easy to be vacation-minded in summer when everything is sunny and bright, but it seems more important to ease the cold and confinement of winter with a vacation from home.

This is one reason visiting is so good.  If you can find one other person who will allow you to visit, it is like a nice vacation.

It is a good idea to make provision for a winter vacation, because even travel to visit a friend does cost something. 

In summer when you are not paying so much for home heating, and when food is cheaper at the farmers markets, and you do not have to buy so many warm socks and mittens, you may be able to put aside something for that winter escape when it seems more confined at home.

An acquaintance of mine takes her sewing machine on a winter vacation and goes to a hotel where, unhindered by housework, happily stitches for several days. I realize most people here would not want to spend the money on that, but it may be possible to plan such a thing in other ways with other resources. 

This winter is taking its time with its visit so I am planning an escape  (at home) to the Empress Hotel. My guest rooms will be filled, and despite the sorry fact I could not locate any used Empress Hotel teacups at a fair price, we will just pretend. We are planning to dress up for a dress code in this fine place :-) and of course I am cutting out a special dress. 

There are other winter vacation ideas that will enable the lady at home to be refreshed to return to her duties with a renewed appreciation of home life.

*Shifting the furniture around is like having a new house. 

*Re-purposive rooms: I recently moved my sewinf to the kitchen for the winter. It is warmer there and not so isolated, and The kettle is more accessible. I fill the slow cooker and can quickly access anything the family needs for refreshments and meals. It is like a one-room house with everything at arms length.  

*Change an office into a guest room, or a bedroom into something else. I always wonder what it would be like to take a seldom used dining room (when people prefer to eat at the kitchen table) and turn it into a living roo, or office or something else. 

*Save the money you might not notice going out (on eating out, coffee, thrift stores, etc) and use it for the winter hotel vacation. I know someone who takes a winter break in her own town. Her whole family checks into a local B&B they like, every winter. I think this is a great idea. Also, there are very inexpensive  motels that have up-to-date furnishings and facilities thst cater to families. Children love this!

*Grandparents enjoy getting an extra room in winter for their children and grandchildren, at an in-between distance.

*Our parents ordered recreation kits like art, sewing, construction of small things, and food supplies from catalogs and then spaced out the projects throughout the most difficult months of winter. 

*Set aside supplies for your own home made creations. Get the berries you picked in the summer,most of the freezer and make jam, learn to make something every day and if you are not in the mood, make lists and make plans.  It is always an adventure.

The point is, careful consideration should be given to ensure the housewife has vacations throughout the winter. We do not need vacations from summer weather, but from the confinement and hardship of winter.  

If this is not possible, it is important to go somewhere locally a few minutes each day or whenever it is necessary.

Winter comes again this year, so get out a calendar and dream up some plans to intersperse those lonely, confined days with short vacations, visits and invented celebrations.

Summer has a vacation atmosphere even when staying home, but winter is really when we need vacations.

Empress Hotel teacup.


Sreim said...

Thank you once again for a very interesting post!

Mallorie said...

Thank you for this post! We are planning a move from sunny CA to snowy Idaho this spring, and my husband and I were just discussing how we might occupy our time during the long, cold winter that we are not accustomed to! This gives us a great starting place. By the way, I am a big fan of furniture rearranging as you mentioned in your post; it always give me a fresh feeling when financial or other circumstances in life cannot be changed, and is a great motivator to give a room a really great clean-up!

Lydia said...

I always wanted to exchange dining room with living room but never had the energy or courage to make such a big change. It would not be permanent but Imthink in winter there are some rooms colder, and it would be like a new house to put the living room in the warmer dining room and put the dining room in the front room with the picture window with a view. It would not have to be permanent. One day I will.

becky said...

I live in a log cabin in the woods and it gets dreary -so I decided to start painting all my furniture white, pastel blue and pops of pink. very shabby chic. Oh my -what a difference! I love it. My husband of 37 years actually likes it and brightens our cabin up considerably. Took me awhile -but also did the bedroom and office. 22 pieces in all. I got on a roll and my husband can get the paint for free. Was a nice winter project. Waiting for spring!!
Thank you

D said...

Such good thoughts; encouraging as well as practical. Up early this morning thinking a little cozy nook set aside in the dining room is doable. Yes! A small side table for tea, knitting or sewing, and my Book!
My Crock-Pot is a favorite helper. Even makes leftovers easier. I've cut out a dress and blouse. Am refreshed thinking of something different and cheerful to wear. Headed out for groceries and am going against my usual bent and will bring back a couple frozen items for my winter 'away? No I'm home' time. Thank-you..

ladypinktulip said...

I enjoy getting out my magazines Victoria Bliss and looking at all Spring and Summer Editions. It's such a lift during the cold dark winter months! Kelly

~Kimberley said...

Dear Mrs. Lydia,

What a wonderful uplifting article! Very interesting ideas for keeping one busy through winter and marvelous ideas to add and do. I abhor cabin fever! One never quite thinks of winter to vacation through. I found it amazing as one of the ideas you spoke of in your article was I had already took an underused small dinning room and turned it into as you stated "something else". About a month ago I had moved the furniture around in it as you suggested in your article. I found it reassuring that I came to a like minded site. Lots of inspiring inspiration here!

With love,

Lynn Maust said...

Wowee to Becky and her great painting projects! Very impressive to do soooo many! I would love to see some photos of your settings now.

Lydia...just go ahead and move the rooms around...I found having my dining table in front of the big front window a blessing sometimes....but I got tired of trecking back to the kitchen the dining table is back in its former spot...near the kitchen. But for the time being you could give that a try.

Laura Lane said...

This is a lovely idea. Unfortunately, we've had nothing but drabness, no winter this year. It has been a great disappointment not to watch lovely white flakes falling, dressing warmly with mittens and hats, then coming in to hot homemade cocoa.
Alas, maybe next year our winter will return.
Be blessed!
Love your ideas....
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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