Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Housewife Radio

At four pm Thursday ( northern hemisphere)  American Pacific Standard Time I hope to have a livestream broadcast. This will give me time to find a friend willing to call in.

If you did not get to listen to the live radio show, you can hear it recorded, here (I think)

Please let me know if the above link works!

Please do not think you have to take time out of your home keeping to listen. Housewife radio is designed to listen while you are occupied with other things.  I was told that Housewife Radio really works, because during a 15 minute broadcast someone was able to complete a few tasks.

The next one scheduled is Monday the 29th Feb. at 3 pm , and unless something unforeseen happens, I do have a caller lined up. If you want to hear one tomorrow, please contact me, and if you would like to be a guest, it would be very nice, especially if there are topics you like.

If you would like to be a guest, let me know.  


Anonymous said...

Your radio show was short and sweet. (Stopped in to listen) You are very encouraging and have valued points. I hope you do this again. It was like stopping by and having tea with you! I hope lots of lady's share and set a date to call in! Love to hear some great ideas and perhaps get some pictures of some wonderful homemade items if possible.

Thank you for having us!


Feminine Belle said...

Dear Reader,

Very positive and interesting perspective on life, home, and picking up after oneself or others. A true life of a homemaker doing the little things that matter. Your radio show has potential and could be a very positive wonderful ministry to LOTS of ladies including me!!!


ps. First time I made a bunting today to hang in the window. Your home inspired me!

Lydia said...

LK thank you so much. I only discovered when it was over that someone was texting a message to me online .

It is also recorded for,those who dos not get to hear it live. You can click on the link indicated on the post.

Christine said...

It was fun to listen, while I worked (dinner prep).
I hope you do it again. Can we ask questions during the program, by typing them on the screen? There is a place off to the right for "conversation".

Gigi said...

Love this! I hope you do more. I am always *so very* encouraged by your posts, videos and now, your radio. Blessings to you!! Please, yes, do more!

A. Law said...

Dear Lydia,
I enjoyed this very much.
I'm looking forward to hearing more :-)
Aline L.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Lydia,

Thank you for answering me, and your kind encouraging comment to me. It made me smile!

I indeed will go back to gather anything I might have missed as you touched gently on many topics. You are very organized with your thoughts which is a blessing.

I happen to be curious about something on your radio show. (if you don't mind me posting here. I apologize if I am not) Would you be open to the idea of ladies putting questions in the chat room on the topic/s you speak on? I am not sure how YouTube works on that end of a chat and I was too scared to say anything silly on a live show. Again, I apologize if my question is out of line.

Thank you for your time in answering me as it is MUCH appreciated.


Sibyl said...

I really enjoyed your radio show. Was able to listen to it this morning as my husband took a nap. I had my computer on loud enough so I could hear it and pick up the living room. Was quite encouraging. I started doing things that needed to be done, but hadn't thought of doing it. I pray that you will have many more episodes. I could then go back and listen to them back to back as I am doing things around the house. Oh I do remember my grandmother, and mother "patting" things saying this is where they belong. Your radio show kind of reminds me of the old radio shows of bygone days. Love it.


Lydia said...

Live comments are enabled but it is a matter of finding where on the screen to go. I need to figure out how to see those chat comments and answer questions. I am usually looking at the broadcasting page and afraid to go look at the live chat...afraid I will disable the broadcast. I need someone sitting here beside me to manage all that.

Lydia said...

She far, I do not know how anyone can call in on a live show. I only know how to call a prearranged guest. I hope I get real smart real soon. I would like the radio program to amount to something someday.