Saturday, June 10, 2017

A Big Supply of House Keys

Painting above: Victorian Interlude by Nicky Boehme, from

Greetings Ladies,

Today was nice for me because a friend came by and we went to a tea room.  I got my purse and keys and we kept talking. For some reason, I set my keys down (that is why I should always have them fastened to my wallet), and walked out the door, locking it behind me. Of course I couldn't get back in and could not use the car without keys so my friend took us in her car, with me giving her stilted directions all the way to the tea room. I must say she mildly put up with me telling her every turn and every lane to get in. I am a better driving than directing.

My husband had not taken a set of keys that included a house key, so when he got home after one of his appointments, he too was locked out.  When I arrived home several hours later there was a muddy footprint on the outside window sill.  He said he used his "burgle skills" and  burglarized the house by removing a screen and opening a window.  I did notice the furniture by the window was slightly  askew, but sure was happy my 74 year old husband  still was able to climb through a window. It's great we have not lost all our survival instincts at this late date in life. (He also still uses the tractor and spends several hours keeping the grass cut, which grows tall after so much rain. We must not lose the key to the shed where that vehicle is kept, since the shed is impossible to burgle.) This week he will be busy getting a supply of house keys for our wallets and cars. Relatives and our neighbor have keys but the neighbor was not home today, so that did not do is any good.

My DH couldn't resist telling someone today after church services about the experience (this is one more to add to the stories he tells the grandkids) that he burgled the house "and it wasn't pretty." 

My friend and I shared some old patterns and I took a photo of some of hers. One of them was her wedding dress she made back in the day but I missed getting a picture.

The pattern on the right was a Centenniel historical celebration pattern.

You remember the rule I made regarding Mr. S. whenever there are ladies here for tea--to make an appearance, exchange polite greetings and then leave us to talk fabric.  Well, since we had tea elsewhere, he was waiting in his favorite chair, eager to talk on some subject, (including how he broke in to the house) and this time it was aliens, and not the immigrant type. If you remember, the last time it was the Sasquatch.   My friend and her husband have an interest and I think my husband gets some amusement from hearing what other people think about these things. Fortunately for me, she had brought a Shabby Fabrics catalog to browse, which I did when the talk turned to modern fuel injection for space craft and things that happen in a desert city in N.M. which name starts with the letter R. The question was brought up regarding replacing a well-known jet aircraft that had been retired decades ago. I shall mention nothing further, since I don't want to encourage speculation.

All in all it has been , shall we say, an "interesting" day. A big rain storm, which we describe as a "squall" poured all over my friend and me as we walked from her car to the tea room and back again. 

Mrs. W. comments here on this blog. I think she's as cute as can be and looks like a teenager. Her husband collects antique cars and is interesting too. (I posted pictures of their house here a couple of years ago). I like the way she dresses and I got such a nice picture of her at the tea room, on my cellphone, which I will try to post here, and she has a picture of the two of us on her cellphone. Just be patient while we take our time getting these star-quality pictures to the blog. She made the skirt she was wearing, and the silk flower clip on her jacket.  

Some early 1970's patterns seen on the web recently, below. 


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I'm married to a locksmith and had to have extra house keys made because none of the key rings that I had in my purse (classroom keys, office keys,) had a house key on them. You'd think we'd have had extra keys but I think a few went to Chicago. Not to mention the door with the doggie door has a completely different handset with a different keyway.

My husband likes ancient aliens and I would bet that he and your husband could speak for hours on it. I just put my earphones on and listen to a book from audible.

Unknown said...

Oh! This was so funny!! All in all it sounds like a great day! I can't wait to see the picture!

Linda said...

Sounds like a very interesting day. I can't wait to see the pictures.

Lydia said...

There was an expression used by some of the 19the century British authors and poetsand this is , "tea loosens the tongue" , which is what happens whenever we take tea at home with people. the ladies are okay but put a man in the mix and he likes to talk about missing ships and rings around the sun!

ladypinktulip said...

I had not heard that saying "tea loosens lips" I love all the figures of speech...making things more lively in conversation. Kelly T.

Laura Jeanne said...

I know you are very fond of vintage sewing patterns, Lydia. I have been meaning to tell you that I have a shop of vintage patterns on Etsy, and I have many more patterns sitting in boxes that I have yet to list in my shop. I inherited the entire collection of my 99 year old grandmother and I buy them at garage sales besides. So, if there is ever a certain pattern you are looking for, feel free to let me know as I may have it. :)

Lydia said...

Thank you, Laura , but I wonder about paying customs.

Also am looking for the wagon train bi-centennial
Pattern, which I have added just now.

Unknown said...

Hello Mrs. Sherman:)
I am wondering if you would be willing to do a blog post on purses and handbags? Maybe some styles you like?
Maybe you already have?

God bless

anonymous said...

Yes the day was fun and the best ever for me. I do appreciate you so much!

Your patterns are really pretty and so glad you are collecting them. I'm also interested in the Past Patterns if you know someone who would like to sell them.
So many of the vintage patterns were not designed for the modern waist of women today, and me they require some altering skills or a mighty strong corset.
Mrs. W

laura said...

Thankfully our apartment locks from the risk of this happening!

Gill said...

My beloved mother made up that top pattern for herself, my sister and me! I was only little then, but still remember gazing at my mother in awe in her dress! It reminded me of Little Women at the time.

Lynn said...

Of course these old patterns are a delight....and a lot more complicated to make too that today's styles. I do not know that I would have the patience to complete any of them today. They look like costumes today...wish they didn't as I would love to wear them.

I always am sure I have more than one of the apt. key and the car key....I have locked myself out of my car a long time ago and never wanted to risk that again! (smile)

Polly said...

I really like these flowing 1970s styles!

Laura Jeanne said...

That wagon train pattern is cute! I don't have that one but I will keep my eyes open for you.

As for paying customs, I send my patterns as oversized letters so there are never any customs fees. The lady at the post office said I can do this as the patterns are made only of paper, so technically can be classified as a letter. :)