Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tiny Tea for Two

A tea for two at my house today. 

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We got old enough and numerous enough to organize a family reunion, however, the current "old folks" are still not as interesting as the previous generation born in the early 1900's. They made life so much more interesting!  We still miss all the grandparents, aunts and uncles. It's strange to be old enough not to have any aunts or uncles or grandparents. Now we are it, but we just never had the wit of those people.

However, Stan now has enough stories and jokes to last approximately an hour, in case of awkward silence amongst the younger set. 

While some of the children played Irish fiddle music, the adults put money in a hat. The little ones with no money threw in some corn chips, which was really a bigger sacrifice, since the snack bags are so tiny. Out here in the sticks the band can't do much with money when they get hungry, so we decided corn chips was a better idea.

One of the old folks told us the difference between a violin and a fiddle:

The violin has strings.

The fiddle has strangs.

You probably won't get that unless you have been around fiddle people.

After viewing our book collection, tea cups, fabric and old things, our cousin concluded with this advice:

"Don't get a tiny home."



living from glory to glory said...

Good Morning! How very sweet that you're all getting together as a family!
Enjoy it all!!
Love the little tea for two!
Hugs, Roxy

Lynn said...

Your cousin is right....there would be precious little room for your collections!

Lynn said...

I love the looks of your pretty tea cups and the teapot....very pretty design!

Christine said...

Love the corn chips!

Unknown said...

Truly appreciated your sense of humor this morning! Your tea for two looked inviting! Have a beautiful day!

anonymous said...

Family reunions are fun and I hosted several of them in San Diego before we moved. I suggest taking lots of photos and making copies to share with the guests later. People change or move before the next reunion.

Your Tiny Tea for Two is precious and the fun you must have had. I remember trying to teach one of my granddaughters about how to handle a tea cup and saucer and to pour the tea gently. We practiced on plastic teacups first, then we tried the real porcelain tea set made for nursery teas. The one thing I remember is that she liked scooping sugar from the sugar bowl into her teacup. She reminded me to "keep the sugar bowl full Gramma".