Saturday, June 24, 2017

Good Day

I do not have anything very wise to say today, as I am busy with yard work.

I have plans for this area, which I hope to show here soon.

We have been on a trip to California, which isn't saying much since it is only four hours away, but it was, shall we say, refreshing. As they said in some parts of New Zealand, back in The 1960's when I was there, "it was a bit blowy," but away from the beach the weather was tropical!

We came back up the coast of Oregon:
I love old towns and was always asking the driver to stop whenever we saw one. He stopped in only the Grants Pass old town where we were allowed to walk around, but I wanted to stop in Coos Bay old town and some of the others.
How progressive that there are now used Lego stores.
There was an antique car rally and I managed to get some pictures. I was looking for the ones with the picnic baskets on the back.

Back home again.

Stopping for a gas fill up in Grants Pass was quite an experience.  Stan asked the attendant, a huge fellow at least 7 feet tall and not at all skinny, if there were any Sasquatch sightings in the area. The man replied, "They are in migration right now so you won't see any." I asked him if he really thought Sasquatch existed and he said, "I know they exist. I used to raise them."

Honestly. Some people! Has the whole region gone mad?  After that, we noticed more large men like him walking on the streets of Olde Towne. There must have been a village of them

My husband and his cousin, who was with us, both have wry, dry humor.  When he told his cousin he was born in Grants Pass but never got attached to the place because his parents moved away when he was still a baby, his cousin replied, "You got out while you still could."  Those two kept me laughing and scurrying to write down everything they said on the trip.


anonymous said...

What a treat to go on a road trip to get away from housework and enjoy the weather.
You are fortunate that your driver likes to delight you with visiting small old towns along the way. And to have someone making you laugh along the way must have been wonderful. The photo of you sitting above the beach is really pretty.

I am anxious to see what you will do with the area in your yard you spoke of. Your gardener has done a beautiful job at keeping your estate looking like a park. Thank you for sharing.


Unknown said...

So fun! I am always sharing your posts with my daughters and now my sons will be excited to see a picture for them to enjoy!! Who would imagine a lego resale shop!!! They love lego's.
The sasquatch stories are priceless.....

God bless

Brenda said...

Your property looks beautiful! What a blessing to enjoy a jaunt up the West coast. I hope to do that one day too. 😊

Lynn said...

As they say....There's no place like home!
The photo of you is lovely too.

Linda said...

Your yard always looks so pretty and your home, also. With all you do, you must be a very busy lady. I don't know how you keep it all so nice.
I enjoy your encouraging posts. It is a pleasant surprise to find them in my inbox.

God's Grace Overflows said...

Your yard looks lovely Lydia! Sometimes it's nice to take a simple trip to just get out... Love the view of the water. And your dress is very pretty!

New and used Lego's? Wow! Maybe I should start a shop, I'm always finding Lego's around the house. Lol. ;)

Love the old those are stylin'!

Happy Summer!

Hugs to you,

Christine said...

I enjoy the ocean very much. To see your hair being moved and your dress rippling in the breeze, makes me yearn even more.

"I go to the sea to breath."
This is one of my favorite word pictures.