Thursday, December 07, 2017

For Those Who Aren't Feeling Well

Hello Ladies,

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Here at home when someone is sick, I like to scurry around making things comfortable and preparing  a tray of comfort foods or whatever their cravings are.

My mother always catered to the sick ones because it made us rest better, and helped with recovery. We were given a box that was like a bed tray, with any food or drink we could tolerate, some get well cards from the others at home, and a few old magazines to clip and paste into a scrapbook. Sometimes the other children would sit on the bed and play games with the sick person

When I don't feel well, it is so nice that my husband brings me a tray, or if he can't find one, simply uses a large dinner plate and puts a tea cup on it and some crackers and an assortment of herbal tea sachets.

I think the vintage wicker bed trays are very elegant and picturesque, but even the shallow cardboard box lined with a dish towel and laden with an old tea cup was so special to us when we weren't feeling well.

Making a sick person comfortable is a good skill to learn. When my children were growing up, I sometimes took them a tea tray to their room just for a treat.


Christine said...

I always told my children, when they were sick, to give into the sickness, don’t fight it.
That way they could relax and not worry about what they were missing.
Love your pictures!

Lydia said...

Yes!Laet it run its course. Rest, rest. Recover slowly.

Meg said...

What a perfect post! We are all sick at our house right now. Thankfully, I am the least sick and can still make tea trays for us all. What a nice way to brighten our day. Our toddler is even getting weak tea with honey to help his sore throat. He loves it! Thank you for the great post!

Meg said...

What a great post! Thank you! We are all down with colds at our house, and tea trays sound like just the thing. Even our toddler will take cooled weak tea with honey. I think we will be on the mend soon thanks to some "teaLC".

Lydia said...

Tea L clever!