Saturday, December 02, 2017

Style Worth Sewing

Someone sent me this and suggested I might already have a similar pattern. I like the stand-up back collar of this red outfit of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. I will be looking at all the etsy pattern people for similar, this next week, and today while I am out, I am looking for fabric.  My clothes have to serve me well in my varied life, so I usually sew a natural woven that washes and wears nicely. I like that the collar might be cut all in one with the jacket, instead of joining separately, which is a sewing time-saver.

I want to thank the blog reader for finding this pattern for me, because this is the one I am going to use.  Using only a picture I posted, without the brand and number, she located where it was sold, so I immediately bought it. So thank you to the ladies who send money, making it possible to make an impulse buy. ☺️The fabric is Waverly cotton, and I've told you before how it feels like silk in the skin.  The style is dated ( hey, I don't want to call it vintage because I remember when it was a new style) but it will suit my ample figure a lot better 😊


Suzanne said...

Such a smart outfit and I love the length of her skirt and the fullness of it. There must be a pattern out there for this:-)

Lydia said...

A bog reader here helped me find a pattern earlier this year and the skirt is so similar. The jacket is different but I am going to use it. The red "country cotton" was on sale for $2.49 a yard so that means the cost is under $15 and since I am not going on any royal tours it won't matter that it's not the same quality. Sewing, for me, isn't just a necessity. It has to be enjoyable, a little exciting and sometimes not really for a need. It has to make me smile, and that suit brightens my mood.

Mrs.O said...

I know many call this vintage, to me this was what I grew up with, and I still LOVE it. Just like home decorating. I love the romanticness( probably not a real word) of it!It's just so pretty.
What I think is really neat is that I have been watching a few "vintage" you tubers who show what they found at the thrift store,etc. These ladies are all in their 20's.They love this style and "puffy" sleeves.
I read comments the other day on one who found a Laura Ashley. Several, actually. She just LOVED it so much!!!
A few other commenters said they found several online and had never heard of her before and they were really eager to buy them.
I am so excited to see a younger generation embracing that look vs. yoga pants!!!
God bless
Can't wait to see your finished product!

Lynn Maust said...

It will be fun to see you in this pretty red suit....can't wait!

Mrs. C said...

I think you will look beautiful in this! Looking forward to seeing the finished project!


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