Monday, December 18, 2017

My Seasonal Decor 4

One of the ladies made this dish towel for me and tried to get me to promise to actually use it.  I do use it, as a wall hanging.

This is not a season theme but it is in guest room #1 and has a festive look.
My husband painted the mountain scene when he was in a high school art class in the previous century. 😉

Thank you for visiting this well-worn house.  I hope to have the kitchen and a couple of other scenes postd in another day or so. 


Southern Ladye said...

So neat and orderly! So lovely and peaceful to look at! You just prove that it doesn't take an enormous amount of money to create beauty around you!

Lynn said...

Seeing your kitchen again will be my favorite view....hurry!

Lynn said...

Stanley does seem to have art talent, judging from his landscape painting!

Mrs.O said...

Well worn is my favorite.
So fun to see your rooms!!