Sunday, December 17, 2017

My Seasonal Decor 3

Several ladies have asked about this round tablecloth. It is from Walmart, about $3.00, flannel-backed plastic, and is located with the holiday platters, Chargers, dish towels, holiday dishes,  trays, etc.

Here is the other side of the front room. It doesn't always look this cluttered, but for pictures I added more things on spaces that are usually bare.

I like this over-sized jingle bell, sitting next to the candle, from Dollar Tree last year.

How do you like this frosty looking plush blanket? I've used some mesh ribbon to wrap it like a gift. This is where I sit on cold mornings for a few minutes before I'm needed!

I haven't used plaid much, in the past, but am really liking it this year. This is the dining room.

The melamine plates are sold at Safeway and Albertsons for $2.50 each.

When teamed with roses, plaid is quite attractive and appealing.

Guest Room 1, with Grandmother's Furniture: 
You might have noticed the change in the curtain color throughout the house. They used to be white. Last year I dyed them all seafoam/sage green, as well as all the tablecloths. Scroll back  and have a look!

Guest Room 2

I like the way reds and seafoam green look so well together.

Everything around here is wearing thin, but now and then I fnd something new that brightens it all.

Sewing  Room: preparing to sew some green plaid with snowflakes:

I hope I can find a way to use the cute snowflake buttons someone sent me years ago:


Laura Jeanne said...

Everything is beautiful. You must have worked so hard on all of this, and it shows. :)

I love the quilts in Guest Room #2. Did you make them?

And I look forward to seeing what you are going to sew with that festive green fabric. :)

anonymous said...

Your home looks like those high end photos from Victoria Magazine. Yours is much cozier. Love your style!

Lynn said...

Plaid is great...I have always loved the look of it in decorating...plaid curtains are so charming....I think plaid might be very Scottish-looking.

Stephanie said...

Oh, how lovely your home looks! Everything is simply beautiful...thank you for showing us.

Have a most blessed and joyous Christmas. Hugs!

Linda said...

Your home looks so warm and cozy. You can see it is decorated with love.

Adelaide said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful decorated home. Everything looks so festive and inviting!

Dawn said...

Your plaid plates are so Christmasy and can be used year round. They'd make a practical and pretty picnic setting since they are melamine.

Oh, Guest Room 1 is so lovely! Any guest would love sleeping there. I love all the chippy white furniture, and the bed is so pretty.

Guest Room 2 is so sweet and inviting with the quilts on the bed. So cozy.