Monday, March 25, 2019

Bouquet of the Day

This bouquet today was made using the previous stems from artificial flowers from Dollar Tree. I never glue them in permanently, and that way I can put them all back in the box and recycle them, without building up a huge arsenal of fake flowers, which can take a lot of room.

 Although it is considered cheap to shop at Dollar Tree, the cost can really add up if I shop over and over for florals, so I keep one box for florals and occasionally if I make something as a gift, might replace it with something else. 

There is one more arrangement I want to make, in a metal container from Goodwill (many years ago, or maybe I should say decades) , and I'm really looking forward to getting up on the next cloudy, dark, rainy morning to assemble it.

It is still cold here, but I've brightened the porch up a bit.

I call this porch "The Ruins".

Also here is something you can do for some soft light around the house:
A led light pillar candle covered in a stick-on sheet of gems, both from Dollar Tree:

 You just peel off the backing and stick it on.

Total cost for a covered candle: about a dollar and a half, since a stick on sheet covers more than one candles.

My excuse for the walls sorely needing a new paint job: It's rustic around here!

In other news, I've been having a lively discussion with someone about the way people misunderstand how husband and wife interact. One of the enjoyable things we have been doing the last couple of years is meeting with other married people, and sharing their life experiences, and showing how husband and wives can understand each other. They all agree you can't follow a book or someone's advice ,  and the best thing is to tell each other what you think and feel, not go to other people expecting them to talk to your mate. Prevalent among these couples is a specialized humor between them, often private jokes that they've made up as a result of a misunderstanding years ago.


Hestia said...

That is wonderful advice. My parents have been married for almost fifty years.

lovely vase, I was wondering do you keep the same flower vase forever in the same way. I mean do you ever throw away the old flowers and reuse the vase for new arrangement when you get tired of it? Or do you keep the same flowers permanently.

Lydia said...

I explained a little about that in some of the newer posts. I put the flowers away in a storage box when the season changes. Spring flowers are exchanged for summer ones. Yes, I go through them sometimes and find the ones with missing petals and leaves and put them in the donation box.

lynn maust said...

Your porch table and chairs setting looks like mine...and the one on the cover of a book I have....which I used for my inspiration. :-)

lynn maust said...

(the porch table and chairs comment was from Lynn Maust)

Feminine Belle said...

The best advice my husband would advise would be have a sense of humor above all else. It makes the best marriage, the best coupling, and the best life together. It is nice to know I can still make my spouse laugh out loud with my rudimentary thinking. :-)