Saturday, March 16, 2019

The White Blouse

Here is an illustration of the white blouse revival of the 1980's. This one was featured in the winter edition of the 1987/88 Victoria magazine and was available through the magazine by mail.

The white blouse was a wardrobe staple, loved by ladies from the 1890's through the 1980's. Each year, there were new versions of the white blouse. 

Also here is a picture of a plaid cape in the same issue. 

Other white blouses from catalogs:


Bedford Fair

(not sure)

Here is a list of catalogs you can get in the mail, most of them free within the US and Canada:
Blair, Haband, Bedford Fair, Old Pueblo Traders, Chadwicks, Talbots.

Don't just look at the pictures and say "I like that, and that's what I will order." Learn about the fabric and the other details of it by reading the description given in the catalog just beneath the garment picture.  You will be able to find out if the lace is printed on or real lace, or if it is synthetic or natural fabric. You'll see if it is imported or made in the USA. Coldwater Creek has a digital catalog and is located in Idaho, with branches in other states.  From the description find out about the sizes and the prices.  Sometimes you can eliminate the "want" for something by reading the fabric content.

The best I have found for winter clothing, which is high quality, is Chadwicks.  I prefer to sew summer clothing, so I don't know which catalogs would be the best.  All the catalogs I listed have very good denim, long skirts, poplin skirts and good jackets to match  Click on Dresses and Skirts and go have a look at all of these.

Very recently we took a very quick road trip and saw Mt. Shasta and some of the High Sierra's:

Mr. S. is never happier than when he is driving on the beautiful highways of America and always relishes the excuse to go somewhere. He lived in an era when people here were excited about car trips, visiting as many places as they could, and then discussing it all with friends: "What road was that? Have you been on Route 66?"
As enjoyable as a road trip is, we are ready to stay put for awhile. 

The highway on the way home was very pretty too:


Unknown said...

I love the white blouse, and made one very similar to that about the same time. I also love the cape, been thinking of making one of velvet, like a crazy quilt.

Feminine Belle said...

Took a glance inside my closet to see if I paid tribute to the narrative of a white blouse based on the article.

Much to my bewilderment, I did with one being a excellent sample of a favored Victorian blouse. This blouse is favored with feminine ruffles in front which receives admired compliments, paired with a light khaki trench, or emerald green cardigan when chilly outside.

It is truly a loved staple my wardrobe.

PS. What is really interesting about this blouse is having over 10+ buttons going down the front, some enclosed with a lap of material inside the ruffles. Maybe it was taken from an original? Not sure, company is no longer in business. :-(

Feminine Belle said...

PPS! per: white blouses

But did locate this last week!!

Long skirts as well. In case link above does not work.

Lydia, this site is so much fun to look through.
Not sure if you wanted this posted. :-)

Hope Lynn M. is doing well.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I don't like white, it washes my already pale face out. I like pinks and beiges though, when I look at my closet, it's an awful lot of prints.

Shasta is so wonderful. When I was a little girl in Wisconsin, when my parents both had long weekends, we'd go somewhere. Trips to my aunts farm in northern IL, trips around Lake Superior. We'd go up to our cottage on a lake. It was wonderful.

I'd like to take the train from LA to Chicago, it would be a rest.

Nice to see the sun again this weekend but rain is on its way,

KarenMarie said...

I love white blouses! I certainly had several Victorian blouses when I was younger, and I still have some today. Perfect to pair with skirts.