Sunday, March 03, 2019

For Homemakers: Living on the Upside

Hello Ladies,

It is a rather full day for us here, but I wanted to take a moment and post something for everyone

I heard someone say that housework shouldn't take much time, and that would leave plenty of hours in the day for women to earn money. However, I was never able to prove it. If people are living in the home, the homemaker keeps track of everything, knows where things are, and is busy most of the time keeping everything in order. I understand that in some countries the men do a lot of the housework, but here in the US, in homes where the man is the major breadwinner, the women at home take full charge of the house, and free up the men's time to relax when they get home.  So the homemaker, like the ones of the past, is very busy, and if she's resting, she probably is thinking about what needs to be done!

The Bible says to think on things that are good and lovely, and so it is important for the homemaker to keep her thoughts optimistic and cheerful.  Wishing won't get anything done, and if you admire these pretty photos of living rooms, and want to emulate them, the only thing to do is roll up your sleeves and do a little whenever you can, and make some progress.

Look at your home in different ways, with different eyes, (this is a figure of speech meaning a different viewpoint or attitude) as if you were a visitor, or if you were the owner of an Inn. It makes a difference, because we get stuck in our ways and get used to things being a certain way. We can easily overlook the piles of things we have got, that are unattractive in the home, when we get used to seeing them.

Thank you for your wonderful comments, and please make up your mind to have a lovely day.


I said something about this coat on a comment. I am NOT suggesting that this particular young woman is any kind of moral example to us, but I am showing the COAT. She is, like many of us, growing and maturing and learning to dress well.


Feminine Belle said...

...if she's resting, she probably is thinking about what needs to be done!
~LOL that's me!

Hubby tells me, "It ALL does not have to be done in one day!" ;-)

God bless him, because I would try.

Amy B said...

I love the photos. I think I would like t make that green settle. The colors are cheerful. I like going through model homes to get ideas for arrangements. The nice thing about having a routine is that bigger chores can be done in a timely way, while the little messes of each day can be whipped into shape rather quickly. Training children to pick up and put away after themselves saves mother increasing amounts of time as they grow up. I have a basket on my stairs to dump upstairs things into and carry up at the close of the day to be put away the next day. A tidy h ome brings added peace to a home.

Lydia said...

Amy B. I do that too, when there has been a decorator hired to present the homes for sale. It is always the most updated and fresh furnishings and I love it all. I come home with renewed interest in homemaking.

Unknown said...

Lydia the photo of the Duchess of Cambridge in a blue coat does not mean that she is always modest and ladylike. Far from it! During the same trip to Northern Ireland she visited a drinking den(pub) and was not modest in her dress and before going to the pub she played sports with young people and she was dressed in trousers that were so tight they were like a pair of tights and were vulgar. She has worn mini-skirts in the past and such things are not ladylike nor modest. She dresses modestly on occasions, that is all one can say.A lady is modest at all times. Not so Kate Middleton.Please do not hold her up as an example to follow.

Lydia said...

Hello Susan,

I have been thinking about you lately, as I haven't heard from you in awhile.

I understand what you are saying.

I was interested in finding a pattern for this coat, since I like coats. If I could somehow get such a coat, I would post a picture of myself wearing it instead of the one of Kate. I showed the picture because of the nice coat. I often use pictures of people or paintings to show clothing, but it doesn't mean I endorse the person's beliefs or lifestyle. I think Kate has grown a little and is maturing in her style, and has learned what she cannot wear in public. In showing the picture of her in the coat I am showing an example of a garment worn in good taste, and I'm not endorsing any of the immodest clothing she wore in her college days. People can change, and I hope we can see her choosing better styles.

Does anyone else have a comment about this?

Just so you all know, I have never posted Kate's picture wearing immodest clothing, and don't intend to. I prefer longer dresses and coats, so I'm not endorsing her knee length styles.

I'm not setting her up as an example of anything. I liked the coat and thought the coat was a nice example of a nice coat. I haven't found any pictures of it without a model. I found one picture of that coat using a different model but she had on weird footwear. If you can direct me to the plain pictures of the coat, I'll use the pictures instead. I'd appreciate it very much.

Unknown said...

Lydia I did not mention Kate Middleton's "college days" although she was certainly immodest and vulgar on occasions then. She was immodest last week during her visit to Northern Ireland and I made this clear in my comment (please read it again.)She was certainly immodest in her college days and is still immodest on occasions since marrying into the Royal family.

Outdoors said...

In my opinion, Kate has been really classy and modest after she married William. We all make wardrobe mistakes, especially when young, and young british women are often VERY trashy, Kate has never been that bad.

She also has really good eye for the colours. She really knows what becomes her. Not everybody could wear that shade of blue her coat has.

Lydia said...

Susan, Yes I saw the way she dressed for the pub scene and the sports scene. She does have wardrobe people who help choose her clothing and I'm sure the Queen, who dresses modestly (although not always when she was younger, with her evening gowns), has something to say about Kate's clothing. There is a site that shows Kate's awful mistakes in clothing in public events. I'm not really trying to defend her; I just liked the coat, and if I could have found a picture of the coat I would have put it on the blog instead of a picture of her in the coat. I thought it was a more modest picture of her, although I prefer the longer coats. I did post a picture of her previously in a plaid coat she wore, and found a picture of the plain coat. Mary of Denmark has become a lot more modest since she noticed at a dinner a foreign diplomat sitting next to her staring down at her bare spots! She looked very uncomfortable, and after that she was a lot more careful that the dress covered her better. However she has been photographed swimming in Australia and all I can say about that is she probably doesn't know about the new swimsuits you can get that are very modest. However I wouldn't use a picture of her in a swimsuit, or a picture of Kate in anything immodest, on my blog. I do apologize for any offense! Lydia

Lydia said...

This blog has pictures of her Northern Ireland visit

I did like that cute hat that looked like a rose!

You can also look up "Everything Kate Wore for Her visit to Northern Ireland, and there is also a site called Duchess Kate that will show some more of what she wore. I think what she wears is important, but I think what we wear daily in our homes are just as important because it is something we can control, and something that gives us and our families a sense of importance.

I certainly don't want to cause any offense over showing this coat, and I thank you all for your comments.

Lydia said...

Also, I'm not using Kate as an example for modesty. I don't think I claimed that anywhere in the post, and I'm sorry if anyone thought I was.

Unknown said...

To the commenter called "Outdoors" I say that Kate Middleton has been "that trashy." Shortly after she married her live-in boyfriend Prince William she was photographed topless on holiday with him, and their only concern was the invasion of their privacy NOT the disgusting behaviour of topless Kate. Shame on them, and Meghan Markle is as bad or worse! By the way, my name is Susan-Anne White and I live in Northern Ireland. The comment facility on this blog will not permit me to use my own name.

Unknown said...

I posted a comment to the commenter going by the name "outdoors" but it has not been posted (for whatever reason) so I am sending it again. It will not be ad verbatim however. Kate Middleton has been "that trashy" because shortly after she married her live-in boyfriend Prince William she was photographed topless whilst on holiday with him and their only concern was the invasion of their privacy NOT the disgusting behaviour of topless Kate. Meghan Markle is as bad or worse!

Lydia said...

Hi Susan,

I don't know what setting to use to get the blog to accept people's names. It seems to have changed from before! Also I just got home quite a while after you posted your comments so I was not able to moderate and publish.

I'll go and read them.

I was trying not to let the post escalate into anything unpleasant. After all, the name of the post was living on the upside.

I think everyone is aware of how that couple came to be together and because they are in the public eye people want to just move on and want that couple to move on and do things right and be a good example. There is nothing we can do about their existence in the public, any more than we can with a president and his wife. They are always in the papers and online being published by someone. I try to post pictures of style when I sew something, but they are few and far between, so I found the picture of Kate and that coat, and used it. If the styles she wears are in good taste, I sometimes post them, but I am not advocating her or any other celebrity as any kind of example. Just the coat was all I was interested in.

I might talk about some of this on a video.

Mrs. Christopher Daniels said...

Hi Lady This was a nice blog post. I like the break in the beginning where you post the living room photo. I couldn't help but stare at it. Well done my friend.

Lydia said...

Hi Tierra. I saw your call the other day on WhatsApp, sorry I missed you.