Tuesday, March 05, 2019

From Griping to Gratitude

Hello Everyone,

I've been trying to overcome the habit of griping, because I think it is not just bad for my mind and my health, but I've come to realize it's not pleasing to God. It makes everyone else miserable too.  I noticed in places where God's servants like Moses and Elijah and others began to complain, He quickly set them straight and gave them a mission. I am on an anti-gripe diet.  I think a lot of griping could be prevented if people went on an anti-news media diet. It just encourages negative feelings.

If I feel like griping I'm going to use it as a trigger to clean  out something and get more orderly around here.  

Mr. S. likes to scour the Good Will and Vinnies for new office supplies. When many of the offices went paper-less, there was no need for all the file holders, three ring binders, pencil holders and all that neat organizational equipment that holds paper clips and so forth. As a result, brand new packages of paper and pens and office desk equipment are surfacing in the thrift stores.

So, he enjoys finding things he can still use, since we are both still living in the previous century. And it is good he collects it because someone in the family is always looking for some old fashioned thing like a pencil or an eraser, and they know who to go to, to get what they need.

While he was in Goodwill he found this cute cottage teapot to add to my collection; cost $2.50 with a senior discount.  Hang out with a senior, kids, and you'll get your stuff paid for at a discount.  I haven't seen any teacups with the cottage scenes on them, but we have been able to get a couple of these cottage tea pots. This one has not been used.

It makes me smile because it has a pink roof. and it makes a nice little scene here. I'll be using it when we get out the tables for the annual Summer-in-the-Country tea here in August. Every table will have one of these cottage teapots, hopefully.

While Mr. S. was doing all his errands, I was walking around Walmart looking at the fabric and feeling so grateful that they stock it as a permanent supply, so you can depend it will be there even years later.  And that way, it is not always a come-and-go-trend.

I got some pictures for you:

I like to watch youtube videos when I have time, of people who come to the US for the first time, going on their first Walmart trip. They are just thrilled with things we take for granted. But, none of them ever go to the fabric department.

 I didn't get anything today but I am seriously thinking about this fabric. It seems so outrageous but it is something I'm drawn to and I wonder how this would look on a big big skirt or a tablecloth. What do you think?  
 I could carry it off, so to speak, as I'm just that bold of a personality. A white blouse with it might be nice and it would be fun to wear at home and in the garden.

Ive got my eye on that pink and white stripe for curtains.

This aqua and white stripe is nice too:

I guess you know we are still buried here and the buckets of water I've managed to get are outside but are solid ice now.

We are soooo happy to have heat and running water!!!!!

And we are also happy to go places now the roads have been cleared.

I think it reduces tension when I'm not anxious about anything, and it certainly helps when things get fixed.

That's what it is all about here. When we see something wrong we try to fix it as best we can and with how we know.

The key to going from griping to gratitude? Do what you are able to do, and what you are not able to do, give to God.

By the way I found a picture of a dress one of the British royals wore recently, modeled by someone else.

This 1980's Laura Ashley pattern might duplicate the dress but it doesn't have a number on it!!
Someone who reads my blog has found several patterns for me, which I have been able to purchase, and I wonder if anyone can find the number for this 1980's Laura Ashley pattern.

Thank you to the reader who found the pattern for me and sent the number via email. I was able to order it from an Etsy shop and it is uncut.


Laura Jeanne said...

Thank you for another inspiring post. We can probably all try a little harder not to gripe this time of year, when the weather is so dreary and winter is sticking around a bit too long...:)

Your new tea pot is adorable. And I am jealous that your Walmart still has fabric. Around 10 years ago they changed the Walmarts in my area to the kind that has a grocery store inside, and when they did that they took out the sewing and fabric areas. I buy fabric at the thrift store or at a garage sale sometimes, but I can't bear to buy it at the fabric store as the prices there are outrageous.

One way I am going "from griping to gratitude" is that we are finally getting around to fixing up our school room (dining room), which has been without a ceiling for several years. My husband has already put up new ceiling tiles, and taken down the partial wall which was half destroyed...he is going to put up a new wall soon, we will have a new lighting fixture and will paint the walls, old and new. I'm excited to have my home looking a little more respectable. Thank you Lord for all your blessings! :)

lynn maust said...

MY Walmart has office things like manila file folders....(Lynn M.)

lynn maust said...

(Lynn M.)
I think the fabric with the roses would make a great skirt....full and long.

lynn maust said...

For those of us who are not in the tornado regions, we have NOTHING to grip about. (Lynn M.)

Julie said...

Your teapot is so sweet! I agree with you that Walmart is a huge blessing as far as fabrics go, and many other nice home things too. The local Walmart here still carries fabric, and groceries too, thankfully. I do miss the variety of craft items that Walmart used to carry, like country dolls, etc. but it seems that lately, with each season, they are bringing them back. I have just this week bought a little bird figurine with an LED light inside, and lovely signs for the home there. The signs say things like, "I've got sunshine on a cloudy day", and "Home is where the heart is", and "Our nest is blessed with laughter and love". Having sweet signs like these around the home reminds me to be sweeter. All of these items were only around $3.00 a piece, or less.
The bold rose fabric you showed would be lovely in a skirt, or as a tablecloth too, especially with fresh touches of white, as you suggested.
Laura Jeanne, I hope you get your school room/dining room back together soon!

Lydia said...

Laura, they tried to remove the fabric department here in one of the smaller walmarts so the people that worked there told all the customers that came in to that area to write to headquarters and ask them to keep the fabric department. It worked. And you can also write to headquarters and tell them the store you want the fabric in. Do it enough times and there might be a change.

Teacups95 said...

Dear Lydia, I love your posts. I am going to be 65 this year and even this old gal can learn new things! 1. Griping is a fatal disease in life. Unless, you allow the Great Physician to heal you as soon as possible you will find yourself mired in a way of living and thinking that will send everyone running to the hills to get away from you. Also, It can be contagious. I read a neat little sentence online : Instead of spewing out your anger and complaints do it on paper and then pray over it and give it to the Lord. Afterwards, get rid of the paper and start rejoicing. It is so much better!
2. The yellow fabric with the cherries, I just made this same fabric from my stash into a lovely apron for a lovely young girl in our church for her 9th birthday! Then, I found a small old-fashioned coffeepot for her little kitchen set. She loved it!

JOYce said...

Dearest Lydia, am grateful for the wonderful things you share with us ladies that always warms my heart with encouragement. I love the pattern you are asking about; it is McCalls 8876. There are others listed here that you might enjoy seeing: https://vintagepatterns.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Laura_Ashley

Lydia said...

Joyce, thanks for the link. I'll go look!

JOYce said...

You are very welcome, Lydia!

KarenMarie said...

Beautiful -- I love the cute little teapot, and I definitely love the fabrics and the patterns! Just lovely!