Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Artificial Flower Arrangements: A Link

Before I move on to posting on another subject, I would like to leave a link to Jennifer Decorates, a video channel I have been watching. Because we moved here from Texas, I really enjoy this lady in the South. I've been so busy I haven't had time to sit down and look through all her videos but I did enjoy the one on arranging artificial flowers.

I wanted to show how one of the artificial bouquets I made goes with a painting by an old friend.

In the original Home Interiors catalogs back in the 1970's they showed how to take a painting and reflect various elements in it, such as color, objects, theme, by placing various things around it. A shelf would be hung beside or beneath it, sconces beside it on the wall, or a figurine and florals on the shelf, containing the colors and theme of the painting.

Since I am now concentrated on necessary sewing, I have placed my box of florals in a container to show you what they look like when not being used. Placed in a container, they provide color in any area of the home.
You could keep  your supply in a bucket, making it look like they were just picked.

The next picture is not really an arrangement, but a place I've found to put the florals and still use them:

These are very old fake flowers, some of them from Home Interiors of the 1970's, which shows how quality they were. Others are from Dollar Tree and the 97 cent display at Walmart.

These are foam blocks from Dollar Tree. I turn them over and around and re-use them from other arrangements:
The container is from about 20 years ago, a Goodwill find that was a gift from one of my children.
It has a groove inside to hold plates or something like that. I hope to use it that way someday.

I like this mantel decor from Pinterest:

I hope to move on now to videos and sewing.

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