Thursday, March 14, 2019

Fog Fashion--Sewing for Foggy Days!

Throughout the season there are sometimes foggy days,* especially if you live near the coast!  Several years ago when I thought the weather was just awful and was trying to talk Mr. S. into taking me away from all this because I didn't think I could endure the gloominess every day, I created these fog capes, which are on an older post.

I recall Mr. S. saying it would be a "whole lot more economical and productive" if I would simply sew my way through the fog season, and he was right. I still have these capes and plan to make more, since it was such a delight. I started looking forward to the fog every morning (it usually dissipated later in the day) so I could plan one new cape or a fog tea.

 This was the Kinsale Cloak:

These photos were taken in the thick fog of that season long ago, and we have not had such a strong fog season since, so that is why I didn't keep up with fog fashion. 

*Special effects by a sweet photographer trying out a new camera!  I am looking forward to snow fashion photos with snowflakes in the pictures!!  

There are plenty of fleece coats and jackets on Pinterest and many have Sherpa linings. For those not familiar with fleece, it is commonly used for outdoor wear. It is not the same as flannel, which is used for sleepwear.

I am not trying to set myself up as any brilliant creator of a fashion season, but I have not yet seen the popular, promoted, big-name fashion designers create fog fashion. There is a great need for regional fashion for ladies and gentlemen. I do not believe there are just four seasons. Observe and you will detect the other "seasons" like fog season!  And, any of these that involve inclement weather can be flipped around in a very exciting way when you create special times in the home.

 I like to create a fog cape and go for a walk outside with a lantern, with Mr. S. in tow, just in case I get in some sort of a conundrum.

I must include here my latest fashion for men, because I just got Mr. S. a coat and a hat from Blair catalog and it is just so nice--that's an understatement. I tried on the coat and it is woolen, which provides a good barrier to the wind.

Usually when we ladies are sick or spend any time in a hospital, or are home recovering, someone brings us flowers or some kind of care package, and we get a pile of get-well cards from our friends and rellies. However, Mr. S. didn't get any such-a thing, so I ordered him this coat and hat, in anticipation of him being back on his feet:

He likes the coat because it fits so nicely over a complete suit without having to remove the jacket. and can still button it comfortably. 

Previous to this, I can hardly understand it, but he was wearing his father's old bedraggled trench coat, because he never was able to find one like this. This is the first time he's had one of this quality.

That is probably not such a big deal, now that I remember that those white gloves I am wearing in the first picture belonged to Mr. S.'s mother!

Here is a picture of the coat from the catalog:
Because I had ordered something previously, I was sent a discount coupon, which greatly reduced the price.

After he got his coat in the mail, I wanted to find somewhere to go!  He looked too dressed up to stay home.  He recalled there had been something flying about in the pasture and offered to accompany me while I picked it up. We both carried lanterns while we searched for an old feed bag that was being tossed by the wind. We try to keep the property clean and everyone in the area is very careful about letting paper, bags, and any loose thing fly about, because of the damage it can cause. In summer, such things can catch fire, and in wind, can fly up in the window of a car and cause an accident.

I should start a dress-your-man section of this blog, because Mr. S. is the modest model of the modern minister.

And so,  we got to go out, wearing our coats, and I thought we looked like this couple, because. as you know,  Mr. S. has that umbrella:
The Garden of Eden
Hugh Goldwin Riviere (1860-1956)
This painting is enhanced with more green color, in a book of paintings that I have. However, this particular version is more descriptive of that dark night.

Now, you see, there can be a coat for every occasion.


Trish said...

I remember your post about the lovely fog capes you made and the beautiful photos. It would've been lovely to see you and Mr S. walking with your coats and lanterns..what a romantic picture it conveys in my mind. Blessings...Trish

Mary said...

Beautiful! You are very talented and creative. I would love to have a cape similar to these you are modeling. I will search for a pattern. Thanks for sharing!

Adelaide said...

Gosh, this takes me back to my teenage years when I dreamed about wearing lovely capes/cloaks; what a beautiful way to carry one through those dreary foggy days!

Feminine Belle said...

Love the fog idea! How clever you are using caps, capes and fleece.

The best way for me to understand the difference between fleece and flannel was knowing if you stood next to flame, flannel was flammable! ;-)

But any smart, common sense person knows this fact. How silly not knowing the difference!

Laura Lane said...

My husband gave me a cloak a year or two ago that I enjoy wearing with my dresses. It's not as grand in style, but it is fleece and warm.
Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,
Laura Lane
Carthage, Missouri