Wednesday, March 20, 2019

DIY Floral Arrangements

 I have saved  several books with pictures of bouquets that I have always liked, and so, today I decided to make replicas (as close as I could) to those pictures, using Dollar Tree artificial flowers.

I use the styrofoam from DT but I never glue it in the container and I also use the green raffia "grass" to fill in the bowl or container. Above, is a salad bowl, also from DT, used as a container. Using a bowl for the arrangement prevents a centerpiece from blocking people from being able to see and talk to each other while sitting at a table.

Put talker arrangements on shelves and near walls.

Each $1.00 stem has 6 blossoms on it, and so I used one each of baby's breath, dogwood, rose and carnation--12 flowers in all. 

Here are some peonies, roses and ferns arranged in a round gift box, sometimes called a hat box.

There are some helpful videos online showing how to arrange artificial flowers. 

This is something I did after all the housework was finished, just to unwind and relax and give everything a lift.

Because I do not glue anything in permanently, the flowers, green raffia filler and the styrofoam block can be used over and over again.  I clip the flowers with a wire cutter (also available at DT) and store them in my floral box, to be used again in a different color combination. 
Using another combination of flowers here

It is also interesting to find unusual containers (a milk jug, a gift bag, tin bucket, birdcage, hat, tea cup or teapot, mason jar, and many other innovative things) to display the bouquets in. 

All products are from Dollar Tree, and I reuse them in different ways throughout the year.


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I went to Hobby Lobby and got some purple and pink flowers and did them in glass beads. It's time togo into the closet and find my tulips. I know they are in there....
They look lovely on your tables. Enjoy!

Jaclyn Juliette said...

Oh Lydia, those arrangements are so pretty! It’s late here in NYC as I type this but I want to show these photos to my 11-year-old daughter tomorrow morning! Her and I can start a plan to do something similar in our home this weekend! - Jaclyn

Lydia said...

Jaclyn, all the ingredients are from Dollar Tree. I hope in a future post to show some of the ingredients before they are made into a bouquet.

Walmart has similar florals for 97cents and in some ways, better made, so if your Walmart has one of those big 97c displays, you might like that better. I'll be posting the Walmart bouquet tomorrow. I find their florals a little better made, but you might compare and see what you think. That is just my opinion.