Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Blossom Time Fashion

I am including the painting by Thomas Lawrence called "Pinkie" because I like the color of the pink hat and ribbon, as well as the way the artist depicted the wind blowing the ribbons on her hat. It is a very windy day here, as you can tell by the photos:

 Ladies, you recall I created "fog fashion" and "rain fashion" and now I have invented another fashion to go with the oncoming blossoms. I know it is sneezing time for some of you, but you have to admit the pink is so soft and pretty.

These are all under the subject of sewing. I'm not trying to impose a style on anyone, but log what I sew and wear at home, and I don't think clothes are more important than anything else. I have other subjects on this blog, and sewing is one.

The color is a bit "off" in these photos, showing my hair a strange color (I have brown hair). My mother was a beautiful strawberry-blonde redhead, and although I consider myself a "summer" in the clothing color analysis, I notice as I get older, the colors that looked good on her, are now looking okay on me: coral, olive,  golden yellow, some gray, etc.

The pink of the fabric is not exactly the same as the pink of the tree, in the picture. At first, it was a lighter pink, but as each day passed by the color got darker.

Yes, I've finished the dress I cut out last year, designed specifically for the blossom time of this tree.  I've missed it every year for years and years and this time I got it just about right.

 I do not have a pattern to show you because it was only partially finished and I had put the pattern away and can't find it. You know I have too many patterns, because I have saved everything since 1952.  That's a saying between Mr. S. and myself. I ask him if he has a paperclip or an eraser, and then I say, "Please, not one of those in your office from 1952" because it usually looks so bad. So now we use the 1952 expression for just about everything, as an inside joke, for all you realists that will insist the patterns aren't all exactly from 1952.  It's a figure of speech.  It kind of takes the joy out of writing when you have to explain everything. It takes the humor out of it too ;-)

There was a fierce downpour of rain followed by big sweeping wind, resulting in many of the blossoms flying off, as you see  the blossom-less part in the background. 

I flagged Mr. S. with my pink umbrella and got him to get off the tractor and get these pictures. It was dry enough to mow and he wanted to get it done.

One of the trees is completely bare of the blossoms but Mr. S. thought he could capture a scene of me in the dress with just enough pink blossom background. 

There is still a border to be sewn on the dress, which I hope to complete by the end of the day. 

This I will wear at home because the last line of clothing I made, is now worn out.

 I know this looks odd on the dress form, (like a missing person)  but I wanted to show the rick-rack trim at the neckline and the sleeve edges. The dress fits the dress form a lot better than it fits me, but I'm learning how to fix the dials and size adjustments on it so the next one will fit better. 

 I am going to get a little more of the fabric. pleat or gather it  and attach it at each shoulder, cross over the bodice and tie in back like some of the Regency styles. 
 It is another David Textiles fabric, and it comes in other colors, which I might try.

This is what the umbrella looks like:
 I have had it a long, long time, but as I cannot remember when I got it, I will say it is probably one of those 1952 things we have around here.

I think its interesting that it has a ruffle sewn around the edge, and it gives me some ideas for re-creating old umbrellas to go with my sewing fashions.

There appears to be a kind of umbrella wardrobe here, as I now have several colors, which I hope to match up with future sewing projects and show you here.

I hope to finish the bold rose dress with the black background---the one I created the umbrella to go with, in the previous post (Lord willing, and the creek don't rise), and present it here soon!

Please comment and let me know if the clothing-for-home is of any value to you. 


Laura Jeanne said...

I like the fabric the pink dress is made from - very pretty and delicate looking, just like spring blossoms.

You are so cute Lydia, creating special dresses to go with all the seasons of the year. Your zest for life (and your ability to get sewing done) is truly inspiring. :)

I wish though, that we could see you a little more close up in the photos Mr. S takes of you. You always look like just part of the landscape, and I'd like to see your outfit in more detail. :)

Lydia said...

Laura, you should be able to click on the photos for the original size. It should show a larger size which you can click on once more. Also you should be able to enlarge separate areas of the photo. Let me know if it works. In the meantime I will see if I can make one of the photos the original size.

Nadege said...

I am in awe of your talent. Stunning and beautiful - both you and the dress. ❤️

Lydia said...

I've made more complicated dresses but I need something without too much fullness, to wear at home. If it is a straight skirt, it won't catch on things or fly up in the wind.

Gigi said...

Oh, how I wish I and my daughters could take sewing lessons from you!

Laura Jeanne said...

Thank you for the tip about enlarging the photo - would you believe I never thought of doing that! You look so pretty next to those spring blossoms. Here in Ontario we do not have anything blossoming yet. In fact we had a rather dramatic snow storm just last weekend, but hopefully it will be the last. Your forsythia reminds me that I bought one to plant last year and never got around to it - I hope it survived the winter in its pot. We shall soon see. :)

lynn maust said...

I am supposing you will show us this dress when you get the border on....I really want to see what you do with that! Lynn M

Lydia said...

Laura I didn't notice that forsythia had blossomed, so I must find my yellow fabric and sew up something to go with ;-) One of my umbrellas is the same shade of yellow.

Hestia said...

I LOVE that painting. The dress is so pretty! And I like how pretty your blog is. I like seeing the fashions. Do to my job, I don't get to wear that many pretty things. Even on weekends, I usually only wear my pretty clothes to church. My mom sees dresses more formally than I do. I want to get a pretty casual summer dress this year to wear around the house.

Mrs.O said...

Oh! I just wait for these sew at homes!.
The pink is perfectly lovely. I can't imagine having to continually explain any little joke in your writing. Exhausting.
Thank you for not giving in and up on us who understand a bit (and appreciate humor).
God bless

Mrs.O said...

I look forward to the sew at homes! Thank you and that pink is just lovely!
God bless

Blessed Homemaking said...

It's just lovely, and I love the blossoming tree as well. Some day, I'm sure I will have time to both learn and do, to sew lovely dresses for myself (and hopefully sweet granddaughters).

clw said...

I love that you took your hair down. : )
Lovely pictures!

Mrs. C said...

All your posts about home dresses have been very helpful to me personally. I've struggled for years trying to wear skirts/dresses at home because I either look too dressed up or what I'm wearing is too nice for cleaning toilets and showers =). Your suggestion to make dresses out of cotton with a print I love just for home has finally given me my solution! I bought Simplicity 8570 (wraps in the back), and I'm adding a sleeve. I bought a cotton print from Hobby Lobby that I really like and will be making a dress just for home.

Thank you for all your efforts on your blog and videos! They have been inspiring to me!

Feminine Belle said...

I really like how the dress is sitting in the chair. IT almost looks like you taking tea near your window watching the birds. Did you think of doing the rickrack in white or was it always going to be pink?

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

I just love the pink dress you sewed to wear at home! It is darling, and oh my, how sweet is the picture of you holding the umbrella under the tree! What a delightful way to share your fashion at home! Have a blessed and lovely week :)

Lydia said...

thank you Marilyn,

I love Idaho. Do they still have that western shop called Cattle Kate there?

Feminine Belle said...

Yes to the Cattle Kate as I use to subscribe to them. ;-)