Monday, April 29, 2019

Around My Blogroll

Today I would like to highlight some people on my blogroll, for all the effort they go to keep their blogs informative, fresh and interesting.

These people manage to present a bright side, opportunistic view of life, making the best of things when life is not exactly cooperating!  I'll be addressing the subject of "can-do" some time on a video.  

Feminine Belle has a couple of new posts about knitting and cooking. That cobbler looks yummy!

Homeschool veteran, Charlene, is good about sharing her experiences and knowledge.

Laura Jeanne at Patterns From Grandma also has crochet and knit patterns. I've purchased patterns from her Etsy store.

Modestly Sew is good about showing some of the latest patterns available, which are not so expensive to buy (New Look is often under $3.00) and relatively easy to sew.

Kathy at A Delightsome Life  looks like a classy magazine, with her wonderful photos and graphics, always inspiring, always uplifting.

Celebrating Everyday Life is one of those bright, beautiful sites that make you feel you just stepped into a holiday, with inspiration for the home.

Adventures in Keeping House is down-to-earth in her posts about being sensible in many things, and she has published two books!

Cynthia, at Life as a Fascinating Woman is back, with some financial facts for widows.

Roxy, at Living From Glory to Glory  writes gentle encouragement, that sound like prose. I also love her name, like saying it and feeling it in my vocal chords. I always thought  phonemes were kind of fun, the way they halt the aspirates in a word. I hope I am describing that rightly. Roxy did not pay me to say this!

Notes From Memere is a blog I have recently added, which is lovely and sweet.

I always enjoy Becky's Feathered Nest videos, viewing things at home. 

I recently added Stuff and Nonsense, by  Ann Payne (her name sounds like she just stepped off  the Mayflower) because I saw it on Roxy's blog and you know, anything Roxy does, I think is sooooo fine!  Ann's blog showcases clean fiction, and makes me wish I knew how to write! 😊

As I have a rather long blogroll, I have to stop here and continue another time, so if you are looking for your blog here on this list, I hope to put it up on another post.

I hope you all have a lovely day.


Laura Jeanne said...

You do feature some lovely blogs in your blogroll Lydia, and I feel very honored and grateful that you include my little Etsy shop. Thank you. :)

Sanne said...

Thanks for highlighting me, dear friend!

Anne Payne said...

Thank you so much, Lydia! I've enjoyed getting to know you through blogging. And I agree about our sweet friend, Roxy! Her words of encouragement and wisdom are lovely. Have a blessed week~

lynn maust said...

That helps to know which ones to open....first.

lynn maust said...

The gorgeous garden with porch picture inspired me to add my dark needlepoint floral pillow to my lounge outside on my balcony...wit the other pillows....leaning them against the wall....the lounge does look better with all the pillows.

Lydia said...

Thanks Lynn!! I should look at it more closely and see what I can improve on the porch. Its still cold and windy so I've let it go!

living from glory to glory said...

Good Day! Once again, I love your idea in just sharing some of your ladies you enjoy often through blogging! I will check them out! I always enjoy your Blog!
Been working in the yard, then making curtains phew, tired already...
Did you ever find out who sent that lovely gift of those teacups?
Hugs, Roxy

Michelle said...

How nice of you to highlight these blogs. Once and awhile I hope over to one of them from yours, but I haven't done that as often recently. Your post definitely inspires me to check each one out for myself. Thank you for your blog where you encourage us to be feminine and keep a godly home.