Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Visiting Small Town America Road Trip 2019

Have a look at the brick sidewalk, above.

 It is still hard for me to remember to take pictures of everything---the street, the flags, the sidewalks, but I did get my head together in the shops, so here are some pictures of a few things from a day trip, or I should say, hour trip,  yesterday:

I like the interesting table centerpiece and of course I like that long, long table. I shall have to go back just to get a closer look at it!

Because the little rubber boots I was using for planters had begun to crack and deteriorate into soil, I was tickled green to find this at one of the shops to replace them.
It is a garden-proof, weather-proof ceramic and I'm quite happy to have it, and to know it was cheaper than using a Hobby Lobby coupon--$5.00, and it looks good on my "ruins".

These are hard to find at low prices, because they are so often used by florists in garden shops, and you get a hefty price for the plant they include.

Also, I've been busy with sewing, and have made some progress. You remember I was eyeing this bold rose print, and wondering how I could make a dress from it (for home, of course):
It is a David Textiles fabric which are quite nice, all cotton, found at Walmart. So far, I have cut out some of the roses and ironed them underneath an old umbrella using a product called "Wonder Web". I will try to make a step-by-step post of this unique idea for my Pinterest. I'm always sure something like this is my own creative idea, and then I discover it has already been done!  I am looking for more plain umbrellas to iron on matching pieces from dresses, for the rain season.  Its a new hobby, which I don't need. No, I don't need another hobby. 

I have seen some umbrellas that are $40 with the lovely rose prints, (actually would be better for the rain than this) but by ironing on the inside of the umbrella, the fabric won't get wet. I am looking forward to getting a picture of the dress and the umbrella, that is, if my only photographer will cooperate. Mr. S. does not fancy himself a fashion photographer. He'd rather take pictures of vintage cars.  Maybe if I stand next to the old truck (which we still use, by the way) I can get him to take a picture.

I need another day to finish these two dresses and then I can amuse and entertain you with a new post.

 There is one of the dresses, cut out and corralled in a basket, and 
here it is being ironed. That's progress.

I have this dress halfway sewn.  

Its very cold outside, and the wind and rain have almost demolished those tender pink blossoms on the tree; the tree I was making the dress to go with!  Maybe if I hurry I can get a picture while the branches still have a semblance of pink.


Lynn said...

Hi Lydia,
I chanced upon your youtube video recently and I really enjoyed listening to your sharing :)
Since I am not able to comment on youtube, I thought maybe I come here to say hi . I can't want to start reading your blog posts. Your videos have come at the perfect time for me, a sahm whose kids are grown up and I'm feeling a bit lost and useless at home even though I do enjoy staying at home, taking care of my family and our house. Your sharing has inspired me to be positive and motivated. Thanks again :)

Lydia said...

Lynn, thanks for coming and I hope you can get lots of ideas here, as I also include links to other helpful places. I have on my list to make a video for older women at home. There are still a few more videos to do on sewing and clothing, but I am catching up to the list. I hope you will read the comments here because the ladies also have great ideas.

lynn maust said...

Your umbrella looks fantastic! Clever idea. Lynn M.

Feminine Belle said...

You are correct about ceramic. I can not find or locate it any more. Not to say it does not exists (notes picture),but simply stating for years I have had difficulty. I adore going into shops as these, but I am strange as I look for recipes books or pamphlets. Some of the best ones I have come from Vintage stops.

Perhaps for your next umbrella do this. ;-)