Sunday, April 14, 2019

Do You Have Your Own Pemberley?

 Some of you may have seen the beautiful reflection of Chatsworth House in the  1995 A & E production of Pride and Prejudice. 

The reflection in the lake was  beautiful and I noticed in the landscape of previous eras, other houses "well situated" with a reflection in water.

This farmhouse is also depicted in a movie, with a lake reflection:

Our rain season creates ponds in our lawns and driveways, and some people have their very own Pemberley.

While I am waiting to finish a rain fashion sewing project, here is a reflection of The Manse in our private lake after
the recent downpour:

You see, lake reflections are not respecters of  location, time in history, landed family or social standing, so, any of us can have a Pemberley. 

Maybe you have your own Pemberley-esque reflection.

It looks like a worn out driveway with a huge mud puddle, if you aren't thinking on the bright side.
This metal bridge would do well across that pond and go nicely with The Manse, do you think?  It would be nice if Hobby Lobby or the local home and garden stores had them. I've only seen them in garden catalogs.

Do you think there are more than four seasons? What about cloud season, or changes in weather in between seasons? Here, we also have Gale season. What about your area?
Daffodil season faded quickly.

Do you take your children on nature walks to show them reflections and flowers? 


Laura Jeanne said...

Bless you, Lydia. I love your sense of humour. Your photos of your grand estate reflected in the pond made me laugh. :D

Our driveway looks even worse right now! It's a veritable lake. I guess I should go take some picturesque photos if the rain lets up. lol.

Lydia said...

Laura, sadly there will be some critics who just won't get it. "She's lost it. Now she thinks her house is Pemberly!") It is a play on words, a play on scenes; its a way of laughing at some of these things that aren't so perfect. I do hope you will bundle up and get some pictures of your Pemberley scenes!

Feminine Belle said...

Our home is reflected inside a active pool called a birdbath near our home.
Would that count as a Pembery? ;-)

*Though, it has been shared with me our home has a nice view.
(full disclosure for critics in reference for intended article)

living from glory to glory said...

This made me smile!! Greetings from the windy gale plains of the middle of nowhere! We must dress for the weather and keep mud boots handy! I believe they always had a lake in front of their homes to show how glamourous their mansions truly were! Many are still standing today!

Critics of everyone else, reminds that it is important to judge oneself first. But wait, it is hard to be humble when your perfect in every way... LOL

It will be a good time to wear our rain gear fashions!

Lydia said...

Roxy, that sounds possible! Liking to see their homes in a water reflection must have been somewhat looking in a mirror to make sure of your appearance. I wish I knew more about this! I know the inside of teacups often had a painting or pattern in them, the ceilings had scenes on them, the doors had ornate hardware. Inside the coach were pretty lanterns and lovely tapestry on the seats. There was something nice to look at all around. Even though it was man made, it reflected the beauty of the earth.

Feminine Belle, yes, what a great idea---a birdbath!!! I must find one for that purpose.

My next fashion is cloud clothing. Do you know what to wear with clouds? Because, we are in cloud season, and it overshadows everything around here. Big ominious clouds!!! I must have a dress to go with them, even though the thought of it is quite depressing. We shall see what it will be.

This is my sewing season, for those who have only now peeked in. I don't think clothes are the end-all. I have a sewing subject for the next few posts.

Blessed Homemaking said...

Oh yes, about the more than four seasons. My older girls have named September to May here mud season :) . That was their first impression anyway during the first rainy year.

lynn maust said...

Your house in the big puddle a la Pemberly is have a wonderful sense of humour, Lydia...

Lydia said...

Emily in England: that's great---mud season!! I'll have to get a wardrobe of mud boots for that fashion scene!

I finished one "Cloud Clothes" episode and will post it as soon as it get the mannequin arranged ;-)

Dianne said...

This was too cute and funny! Who on earth would not 'get it'? Pity them! I often wish you were my neighbor. :) Your church is blessed to have both you and your hubby, I'm sure. Love from Pennsylvania to you!

Polly said...

We get a truly fantastic mud puddle in our driveway after a hard I'll always think of it as contributing to my Pemberley! ha! I love it.

We have had loads of April showers here lately with beautiful flowers to show for it: masses of tulips and bleeding hearts in my flower beds right now, and the hostas and Jacob's ladder and Solomon's seal have all popped up and are getting green. I just love this time of year in our yard...even with the rains. :)