Monday, April 15, 2019

Cloud Clothing--A New Fashion

Painting from Pinterest, Russian artist

Hello Ladies,

I have created fog fashion, rain fashion, desert fashion, and overcast sky fashion, but 
what do you wear with clouds?

Today is the first of the Cloud Clothing fashion line. We have been through the desert and been through the rain with my line of clothing, and now we are going through cloud season.  You can see by the grim look on my face how uncomfortable it is out there in the cold and rain. 

There is not a clear sky to be found, and so today for a special treat, I present one of the cloud dresses I have sewn.

 The umbrella had a little blue in it so I used it as a prop, and yes, it was raining too. Mr. S. took two pictures when he was on the tractor.  I like to catch him when he is already outside.  Two pictures. Maybe he is trying to save film like he used to back in 1952.  

There is not much to say about this dress except the color, called China Blue, a Waverly cotton, and the fact that I used several different patterns; one for the sleeves, another for the top and another for the skirt area and of course my signature ruffle at the hem, to give the fabric more weight and  keep the dress from flying around in the wind.  Therefore, I cannot recommend any particular pattern. It was an experiment.

Here it is on the dress form. It has some tucks in the front and piping at the neckline. When I use piping or rick-rack at the necklines and sleeve cuffs, those areas don't get so thin and faded and the dress lasts longer.

In case we ever see the sun again, I decorated a plain white hat with dollar store florals. I think I might have got the hat at Dollar Tree a few years ago.

This dress was "okay" and I will wear it at home. When I go anywhere I will put a jacket on to dress it up a bit.  I've got one more cloud clothing idea and hopefully will be able to post it before the season is over.  I'm doing a lot better this year. Usually I start a garment and then the season changes and I have to do something else, saving the project to finish the next year, or the next, or the next. I always hope I don't gain any weight while I wait.


Feminine Belle said...

Checked on that painting and as far as I can tell it is not Vladimir Volegov, though I did not know I had one of his pictures on my blog! I love how the women and little girls are a washed with sunlight. I bet it is morning sunlight as well!

Really like those black boots you were sporting while modeling your new dress.
They seem to scream high end. ;-)

Lydia said...

I've had this painting here before, along with others by the same artist.

The boots scream high end because of that high end place where I shop 😊

Kathy said...

I love your sense of style and also your sense of humor! Always a delight to read your blog posts!

Lydia said...

I like your Avatar, Kathy.

clw said...

Ha ha! Good humor. : )
And, yes, you are doing amazing at how much you're accomplishing!
And, no, this time (because of the color?) neither the hat, nor the scarf, nor the umbrella are dressing this dress up "right." They are just a little bit "less than."

Hmmm, perhaps dark blue at the neck and the sleeves and the waist? I don't know; I'm trying to imagine it. It is too light to be dressed up with white. Oh! maybe a counter color would do the trick? (Ha ha! What is the counter color for light blue?) This one is making me think! I wish I could hold things up to it. Do you think black would be a counter color? : ) Enjoying this! LOL

Lydia said...

clw, I appreciate the observations. With this particular fashion I am deliberately not trying to dress it up except if I wear my black jacket with it when I go somewhere. Actually it is supposed to be light and airy and barely noticeable, ethereal as a cloud; its just a housedress to wear around the home, not a high fashion. No particular statement intended in this fashion, made to compliment and go with clouds; no high fashion, no worries; she'll be right; Bob's your uncle.

Lydia said...

Feminine Belle, I thought the painting with the clouds in the background went perfectly with that blue dress!

Dianne said...

I think this is my favorite of all your dresses! I love it … just as it is! Very sweet and understated and it lets you shine through.

clw said...

Ahhh, so YOU are a cloud. : ) Success, then, very much so!

Lydia said...

Clw, cloud clothes. But gray would be better look at those dark clouds!