Thursday, May 16, 2019

Curtains for You

Hello Ladies,

A short post today to share new curtains.  
These are no-sew, and you can do it too, if you ever need a change.

One of our local merchants had a sale on sheets.  I bought two sets of twin sized for $13.00 each to get two panels.

These are very thin fabrics and allow light to come in while framing the window just right.

Snipping a little place at each end of the hem was all that was needed to insert the rod. 

When I need another change of color, I will see what is available in curtains. I plan to change the dining room curtains and table cloth too.

The sheets were a little too long so I used the 1990's style of 
letting them drape beautifully in each corner on the floor.  I seem to recall it was called 'puddling.' Good grief, that was in the last century, wasn't it?

The pillowcases covered the chair pads adequately and made a perfect match with the curtains. The two twin fitted sheets covered the large cushion on one of the settees and another chair.

This technique might look good in blue, yellow, gray, or other available colors.  


Tammy said...

Many years ago, I used sheets as curtains as well. Very economical, and pretty, too!

Feminine Belle said...

Delete if you like. ;-)

Pooled curtains/drapes that fall 1-to-2 inches onto the floor are called "breaking", and those that fall a generous 4-to-6 inches are known as "puddled".

Adelaide said...

This is genius because it is soooo simple. Thank you for sharing!

Lydia said...

Ladies your visits do my heart good. Thanks for taking the time in today's busy world.

jeanannemarie said...

I am going to remember this! I never would have thought of it. Thank you. I love your blog.

Lydia said...

Ladies the best deal for my windows, which are very very wide (120 inches and 105 inches across) was the twin sheets. Two of them are wider than one full or queen/king. If i bought the king size, i would have to cut them in half for each side of the window and still they won't be is wide as two twin size.

Gigi said...

Brilliant. :)