Friday, May 03, 2019

Blossom Fashion and Sewing Ideas

Girls in dresses that compliment this blossom-ey painting.

With all the MAGA talk going around, I'd like to put in my oar:

Please ladies help make your country beautiful and clean.

When you see decay and disorder, use it as opportunities, or to use a popular word, a trigger, to be clean and orderly, and dress well.

You can help by dressing beautifully when you are are at home, and away from home, because people do notice, it does have an influence, and it does spread. Someone who likes "pretty" will see it and then feel more emboldened to do it also.

And for cleanliness, although people are paid to clean things in the public, you are still responsible for cleaning up after yourself. I know ladies who, when they use public facilities, restrooms, etc. will take a paper towel and wipe the sink and any thing they spilled, will  also take a paper towel and use it as a protective glove to pick up other paper towels that didn't make it to the waste basket.

It starts in the home. Don't wait for a cleaning day. Clean as you go, by cleaning up the messes you make yourself.

And the beauty begins with you, not with the government. We can make our countries beautiful and clean, and many other things will follow, which I am sure you understand without an explanation.  It does take a brave step into a world that is against the prevailing culture but you will gain confidence day by day.


But more importantly, make your homes beautiful and present a beautiful and positive image of yourself that reflects the Creator and His beautiful creation, and give a positive and dignified view of life at home by the way you speak, by your appearance and countenance, and by the way you encourage other people.

I could express this better by talking, and it is more tedious to portray it by typing out the words, but ladies it does not do any good to complain, criticise or condemn, and it also does great harm to your blood pressure and your health. The best thing to do is try to learn new skills and keep house as excellently as you are able, and to improve the "able-ness" so that you can do it with ease.

The woman is the manager, guide and guard of the home. To become capable at that, is a great service and a great skill.  The results can give a lot of contentment.  It takes persistence and that creates habits and that creates success.

"Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny."

 post script:

Here's the Time and Tru Dress at Walmart, which is all cotton and $25.00. I don't think it is very pretty and it looks like the old waitress uniforms of the 50's but someone might think this  it is modest. It is just not very pretty. Modesty isn't the only thing with me, because I've seen what people think modesty is: dull, sloppy, colorless, and "I-dont"care" look with awful footwear and no thought to it being slimming or flattering or pretty.

This comes in white and denim, and a print, but  not recommended for everyone; dresses should suit your color and figure, hide any thing you don't want to draw attention too. This has no "beauty" in it and appears to be nothing more than a large denim shirt. I am not impressed with this. It looks like the designer thought we were going for "modest" and "retro" and made a waitress uniform.  It is nice people are thinking about dresses for ladies, but not too great when they create boring designs.


Homemaker's Heart said...

I couldn't agree more Lydia. I am getting ready to head to town and while I have a denim skirt and a burgandy sweater on, it appears to some as "dressed up". But adding in some handmade earrings seems to dress it up enough that folks say "Dee you always look so nice!".

Truly it takes me less than 30 minutes to dress, hair etc and then get water, snacks and out the door. I think it takes just as much time to dress in pants and a sweatshirt as a skirt or dress slacks and a cute top.

I don't always get that response, some ladies ask if I am religious! or scoff at me as I walk by. A lovely prayer for them and letting it go keeps my peace.

I have the same cushions for my porch! It adds some color to a porch that has had wood on it all winter.

Peace to you,

Lydia said...

Thanks, Dee,

There are a lot of those long tunic blouses now that ladies can wear over pants, (also very pretty) if they aren't quite convinced about dresses.

But attitude is the key to it all.

Lydia said...

Dee, the reason we have the same porch cushions is because of that high-end store we both shop at ;-)

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I always try to leave a place a little cleaner than when I go in. When we were in KY we went to an occasion, and I had to use the loo. The fixtures had air dryers in a t shape from the faucet. No need to go dripping across the floor to the towel stand.
I love wearing tunics over my slacks. Hides a multitude of saggy tummy. I just ordered this gorgeous flowered skirt with built in tummy control, will be a summer go to with a solid color top.

Ladyambersparrow said...

Lydia- I think maybe the young are coming around. Urban Outfitters is showing outfits and floral prints from their Laura Ashley collection. It will be nice to see young girls in florals again.

Lydia said...

Ann, I like the new long tops, some with very nice colored lace. Chadwicks used to have the tummy control skirts but I haven't seen them in their catalogs lately.

LadyAmber, I will have a look at Urban Outfitters. Laura Ashley had a Welsh flavor of the rolling countryside along with a rambling outdoor feel to the prints and the other things. No other company has been able to replicate it so I hope there is that element in it.

Lydia said...

the Laura Ashley dresses are just not the same as the 1980;s which were not so bare and a lot easier to wear, no matter what your figure shape or weight. The ones today require very thin women and aren't very practical. I think though, that designers and manufacturers do pay attention to what we are wanting and there will be some improvement over what we have been seeing.

lynn maust said...

MACA What is that?

Feminine Belle said...

Once when I was looking through the children's section on hair accessories, I remarked out loud they don't have enough *cute* things for women.

To which the woman I traveled with remarked,"Women are suppose to look sexy, not cute"

I remember turning my head slowly, looking at her rather strangely thinking what's wrong with looking cute?

Feminine Belle said...

*a thought

As I watch the baby sections shrinking at stores, and the pet section growing, the fashion industry might be encouraged to switch back to making more modest apparel.

Lydia said...

Lynn, Clean Again and Beautiful Again
I mean in your own area, do what you can to make it beautiful and clean.

Lydia said...

Walmart thinks it has modest dresses this year but they are so ugly, no one is buying them. They look like 1950's waitress dresses, in denim and white. They designers missed the mark on those. And they supposed that because the "time and true" was a good seller last year, that they can put the label on any ugly thing and it will sell.

Lydia said...

I added a picture to the post.

I hope for a new post today if I can get my dress finished. We've had visitors and there is a back-up of work that is urgent. So I just hope the daylight will last long enough for a picture outside in front of the lilac tree and I hope I can find the photographer.

Feminine Belle said...

snip (Dull, sloppy, colorless, and "I don't care" look with awful footwear.)

To the uninformed, that is modest wear. I have seen this many times over than care to even comment. Especially the over use of the yoga pants. Good Grief....

I remember one young lady having a full skirt, white top, and cute low heeled shoes. She was in Home Depot of all places several years back. I remember trying NOT to stare at her as she looked so lovely with the accessories she wore. Wished I would have gone up to compliment her. It was a missed moment with me, but one in which will always be remember.

I agree withe the ugly, Lydia. Women don't want ugly, they want beauty. Perhaps with my second cousin (she calls me aunt) graduating from Baylor and then Wales with a fashion and art degree (as I remember her making elaborate doll clothes when she was a child) just maybe, she might be the next up and coming thing we all need.

As she was just married, we shall see what happens in her line of work, if she decides to go into the industry.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Beautiful lilac bushes. Your lilac colored outfit is very pretty.

Before I read what the white dress in the photograph was, I thought I was looking at a nurse's uniform dress from the 1950's.

The trees, lilacs, and greenery in your yard are beautiful.

Lydia said...

I just thought it was strange about that dress. It is so uninteresting and unfeminine, and even a bit bare, so, with dresses like that, who wants to wear dresses? It doesn't encourage anyone to buy a dress.

Betsy said...

I bought this same dress but in nice colors. One is white/yellow/orange stripes and the other has thin blue and white pin stripes and I find them quite pretty. I chose them for their casual fabric and look because where I live NO ONE dresses like I do (I get asked why I am dressed up all the time)

Betsy said...

Also this white dress in person (the one I saw) is made out of floral eyelet material which was pretty.