Sunday, May 12, 2019

Every Day is Mother's Day

Henry Salem Hubbell (American artist, 1870-1949) Tea Time.

As we mature, we try to keep in mind the attitude of being kind and respectful, and so Mother's Day ought not to be relegated to bringing flowers and out to eat once a year. Mothers need their children in life daily throughout the year, not just a plant or a bouquet on Mother's Day.

Many of us are without out our mother's on this day, but we appreciated their love and their beauty, and their efforts toward us while we were with them, perhaps even more-so now, as we remember so many things they did for us and with us.


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I miss my mom so much.
My daughter posted on Facebook but she hasn't called me.
No cards, no gifts (though I guess I can count the new bed and mattress we bought after 18 years), and no flowers.
Sometimes I wonder.
(don't publish this)

Amy B said...

I hope you had a lovely day. Truly we can not make up for all a mother does with a card once a year.

Feminine Belle said...

We don't celebrate Mother's Day or other certain days at all.

With over inflated prices on certain days of the year, it just is not worth the money spent. It makes me wonder if this day is to make people depressed.

In fact, I made bread that day and frozen about 3 loaves and cooked one. To me, that was my tribute to Mother's Day. ;-) Mother did what she wanted for her family.

Lydia said...

I think one problem we are seeing is that people wait til Mother's Day to do anything with their mothers, even phone them or visit. Then they get a plant and a meal out. Seems rather shallow.

With my birthday being exactly a week before Mother's Day I made it easy on the family to limit it to my birthday, saving time and expense.

There are so many extra days to observe, one cannot keep up with them, and if you have grandhildren, it seems birthdays would be enough. That way each person has their own special day.

Tina G. said...

I love your blog and YouTube! Thank u for the time you invest to encourage others